If you're interested in conscious living, then likely you're just as equally interested in Zen but simply not knowingly interested.

Usually Zen is associated with Japanese culture and religious or Buddhism practice, but true Zen (or at least the way this site uses the term) is emphasizing the value of conscious living.

Zen and conscious living come together and go hand-in-hand. Hence, conscious living without Zen is a huge oversight and vice-versa because these are not two.

"Conscious Flex: Zen & Conscious Living" is designed to offer a partnership of how these seemingly two are actually one movement.

Zen is the foundational spaciousness or presence from which conscious living derives. In the same manner that an artist, inventor or intuitive actions come from the stillness in the silence of non-movement.

In other words, Zen is a resting in the powerful space of not thinking about thought, not doing anything about doing, not trying to be the solver or understander, the knower collector but simply allowing the intelligence of life to flow through you and as you.

What is described can be thought of as meditation or accessing our intuition, but it's actually just natural living.

Often you will see kids in a natural resting space or presence and we tell them "snap out of it" because we think they are in "lala land" or "fantasy land" and not paying attention but actually they are simply being completely present with what is. It's natural to just rest and be, that's the flow from which insight and wisdom arises from.

Hence, conscious living is also the natural flow of how life organically expands upon itself. Consequently, conscious living is Zen living, when it's pure and without conceptual overlays.

  • How to Unlock Your Infinite Potential (Page 4) A New Choice

    This article is a series of previous articles. If you have not already read the other pages in this series you will have a difficult time understanding this one as it was meant to be read in order:How to Unlock Your Infinite Potential (Series)
    How to Unlock Your Infinite Potential: Page 2
    How to Unlock Your Infinite Potential: Page 3

    The last article finished saying: life has a way of opening itself up to you and everything you desire automatically. It is only limited beliefs that block people from allowing this natural process to unfold and cause a series of events to take place instead.

    Let us say for example, a movie inspires you to feel the desire of flying. I am talking about flying through the air with complete control over your body using your mind. Even the thought alone of flying to most people is enough to fantasize about it, but if a movie inspired you to hang on to that thought of desire for days, what would you imagine would happen?

    A New Choice

    So let us say that we were inspired to the point of fantasizing a lot about flying for days. Just like imagining, you will notice that fantasizing about something so much will open up a new choice. This fantasizing can advance to a completely new level of seeming more real. This new choice comes in the form of a dream.

    To wake yourself up in your dream, so you can consciously be aware to know that your body is sleeping. Knowing that you are dreaming, while being in the dream state, to wake up inside the dream you are having. Being consciously aware in your dream will allow you to manipulate the dream world through your thoughts and desires alone. (This does in fact happen, some are familiar with it as lucid dreaming.) Dreams are designed for exactly this purpose, to evolve the consciousness in making higher choices and following through with internal instincts. In fact if you never had a lucid dream then chances are that you have too many limiting beliefs that stop this natural process (of lucid dreaming) from happening.
    Dream World
    Thus, you do just that and wake yourself up in your dream. Here is where you notice something interesting:

    Depending on your limiting beliefs and if you make them strong in your mind by feeding them. You will notice the ability to control your dreams is in relationship to how you view life. When you feel it is a dream because you feel that and you can fly in your dreams, then it must reflect that reality to you, rather that reality is a dream or not.

    In other words, when you allow this natural process to automatically happen without letting limited beliefs over-ride the process (explained in the last article) then you will experience what you desire first in your dreams, then as your dreams evolve you will begin to reflect the desired reality from the dream world to the reality world. Click the above link to understand why and how this natural process takes place. The above article was written for that exact purpose. That explains the basics of how to unlock infinite potential automatically and to know, feel and experience it but every article on this website is a deeper understanding of how to unlock your infinite potential. I used to have this series on the introduction of this website but following traffic, I could see that not very many people read the introduction and this whole entire site is based on how to unlock infinite potential in different concepts.

    In Conclusion to Review and Pull Everything Together
    Our imagination is what gives us the ability to see more choices. You must advance the imagination. You must imagine seeing the choice already there. Using the same example: if you have a strong limited belief to flying that your limited belief would say, "Nobody can fly, it is not possible”. With that limited belief, you just stopped yourself from ever seeing or being able to fly. At that level of limited belief, even if you saw someone fly then you would convince yourself it was an illusion.

    If your consciousness mind is at a bit higher level to see more choices then you might have limited beliefs like, "It might be possible to fly but I can't”. Even the limited belief of "might" is enough to see a small glimpse of another higher choice, but with this level of limited belief you stop yourself from seeing anything further than glimpses.

    Limited Beliefs Lead to Series of Experiences
    But never say never because as I have said previous that if you have a limited belief then you will go through a series of experiences that will lead you to new understandings about yourself. Through these series of experiences, you will gradually work through the limited belief and eventually the limited belief will disappear allowing you to choose the choice you thought you could not choose. With the limited belief gone, you can now continue this on-going process of choosing a higher choice. What if there was another choice? What if there was a way to choose the Highest Choice in moments? We can release ourselves of all the pain that the series of events has put into place. We can see ourselves as Infinite Potential in just a few moments. Why should we choose to let our limited beliefs lead us on a detour? There is another way. What will happen when we adventure there?

    We will eventually get there; it is not a question of if but when. It is our ultimate destination. If we do not choose it for ourselves then life will choose it for us through a series of events. Through these series of experiences, it is unsure how long it would take, but look at the age of the universe and you will know it has taken this long so far. The reason being is that through these series of experience we have a choice to choose to advance, stand still, or start from the beginning again. There really is no saying how long it will take for us to advance to the point of finding our True Self, our Infinite Potential, or our Genius Within, but no matter what we will be at this on-going process for as long as it takes. So why not choose to see our True Self, right here, right now and finally get it right! Who knows when we will have this 'enlighten' choice to stop the series of experiences again? So please for yourself and the highest good of all, choose this choice, choose to reach the ultimate destination. Yet know it is not an end, but a new beginning. A new beginning of who we really are. To get a glimpse of what I mean, you would have to understand this: my perception of ultimate reality is more limited than I thought, and Truth is more unlimited than I can imagine, and trust me you will. For most people it will happen on a subconscious level. You do not even have to be focused on what I am saying in this message for it to take place.

    Imagine what it would be like if you had no limits. Imagine having unlimited potential. Imagine having no limited beliefs. Imagine how you would feel. Imagine the feeling of flying. Imagine the disease you could cure. Imagine the miracles you would perform. Imagine the extreme happiness you would feel. Imagine what you would create. Imagine being able to fulfill any and every desire with just thought alone.

    Unconditional Love
    You might imagine that could be dangerous, but know this: the moment you know you are Infinite Potential, the moment you see your True Self, in that moment you will realize who you are and from that fulfillment you will feel unconditional love for yourself. Not only will you feel unconditional loving, but also you will move into that being-ness. Everything you think, say, and do from that moment on will be out of the filter of unconditional love for you. In addition, you will be so aware of whom you are that you will love everybody the same exact way: with unconditional love. So when you imagine being able to fulfill any and every single desire with just thought alone. Those thoughts will be directing out of the unconditional love that you will know yourself to be.

    Strong Beliefs Empower
    As we know, limited beliefs block us. However, strong beliefs that give you power and push you to keep moving ahead, are beliefs that allow you to see more of yourself even if you are only seeing more of yourself based on the belief of faith. Faith is one of the strongest beliefs that the human consciousness can support.

    Rather that be faith in knowing you can pull yourself out of any situation. Faith that you can handle anything that comes your way, that you have enough experience to solve any problem. Faith that when all else fails you still have your instincts to relay on, that things are not as bad as they seem. Faith that you have guides to direct you: by the Power of Your Brain, the Source of Your Subconscious, Higher Consciousness, be Intuition, Instinctive Insight, Inner self. Faith in Your Skills and Knowledge of Life, or by: Spirit, Infinite Spirits, Holy Spirit, Angels, Intelligent Life Forms, The Planets, The Universe, The Bible, The Prophets and Priests Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Mohammed, Confucius, Prime Creator, Infinite Potential, Unseen Force, Higher Self, Unmoved Mover, Divine Plan, God, Goddess, Gods, Heavenly Father, Heavenly Mother, Mother Earth, or whatever it might be. We all have faith. We all believe in something. What do you have faith in that empowers you? What do you believe in?

    Whatever this 'source' is for you, I want you to ask yourself why. Why do you have faith and belief in this 'source?' What makes you lookup to and have faith in this 'source?'

    I would suggest to you that it is because you feel this 'source' has few or no limited beliefs holding this 'source' back. You see this 'source' as powerful. You are inspired because you put yourself in the shoes of the 'source' and see the world in a whole new light. You desire to be that light.

    I heard somewhere, "the word desire in its Latin form means- Of the Father, De-sire. In other words, that desire, that thought process that grew the desire in the first place was given to you. The moment a desire enters your conscious instantly comes the ability to achieve it. That ability is built within us or the desire would not be there in the first place."

    You can be this 'source' and so much more. All you have to do is keep reading the articles on this site. Your going to have to be this 'source' anyways, you might as well do it consciously and by choice. Imagine this 'source' and imagine you doing, being, creating, teaching, loving, speaking, and smiling as the 'source' does. If you can imagine it then it is possible. If you have the desire then you have the ability, you have the key.

    You choose your own beliefs and you can choose which ones serve you and which ones do not at any moment in time. Believing is seeing, so whatever you belief rather it is a limiting belief or a empowering belief you will see it as truth, but deep down we all know that any limiting belief no matter how weak or strong if it limits you then it is not true. Change your limiting beliefs to empowering ones or get rid of the limiting belief all together. Whatever you choose if the choice involves not limiting you then you are not limiting the world. The world is waiting on you to change with us. It is up to you to UN-create your limiting beliefs. We need you! Choose to be the 'source' and the world will open its doors to you, heaven will be here, you will experience no more pain and suffering. The life you struggle to keep will be in the long distant past of pain and a new brighter future will show you everything your dreams thought were possible, to the core and depths of you, all your true potential will rise and you will see the world through a light of unconditional love. You will feel so many fulfillments within, that you feel you will explode, but in that moment, you will realize you already did. You been here before, you felt this before, you know how to do it again.

    Keep the things that inspire you close at reach, do something to express who you really are, feel the true of you and start being that truth in every moment and you will see how you do make a difference in this world. You can and it is possible. Move through your limited beliefs, jump that fence, and move around that obstacle, scare your fear away, know that YOU CAN and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

    As I said in How to Unlock Your Infinite Potential: Page 3: "In the individual scheme of things the highest choice that serves the greatest good of all is living your passion. This may seem like a personal goal, but you have this passion for a reason and in acting on your passion you will automatically align yourself this the quickest, most reliable choice to serve the greatest good. You never know who you might meet when living your passion, what you might be inspired to think or where you might end up. Through my experience living out your highest joy will lead you to serving the greatest good of all. Every "successful" person who ever had an influence on this world for the greatest good of all have only followed their passion. You can live your passion, I wrote an article called "How to Find Your Passion and Make it Your Career" (click on the link to find out how, you will be surprised how it works). Choosing this choice will dramatically vanish the core of limiting beliefs because everything you do will be done with joy, pleasure and passion. It will make a huge step closer to infinite potential, but does not unlock it completely. I would like to introduce a short video of Kirk Nugent to help impact how important passion is for everyone.

    Pursue Your Passion by Kirk Nugent