If you're interested in conscious living, then likely you're just as equally interested in Zen but simply not knowingly interested.

Usually Zen is associated with Japanese culture and religious or Buddhism practice, but true Zen (or at least the way this site uses the term) is emphasizing the value of conscious living.

Zen and conscious living come together and go hand-in-hand. Hence, conscious living without Zen is a huge oversight and vice-versa because these are not two.

"Conscious Flex: Zen & Conscious Living" is designed to offer a partnership of how these seemingly two are actually one movement.

Zen is the foundational spaciousness or presence from which conscious living derives. In the same manner that an artist, inventor or intuitive actions come from the stillness in the silence of non-movement.

In other words, Zen is a resting in the powerful space of not thinking about thought, not doing anything about doing, not trying to be the solver or understander, the knower collector but simply allowing the intelligence of life to flow through you and as you.

What is described can be thought of as meditation or accessing our intuition, but it's actually just natural living.

Often you will see kids in a natural resting space or presence and we tell them "snap out of it" because we think they are in "lala land" or "fantasy land" and not paying attention but actually they are simply being completely present with what is. It's natural to just rest and be, that's the flow from which insight and wisdom arises from.

Hence, conscious living is also the natural flow of how life organically expands upon itself. Consequently, conscious living is Zen living, when it's pure and without conceptual overlays.

  • Different Levels of Awareness through Conscious Self

    All our Higher-consciousnesses are on the same unique individual playing field, but our higher-consciousness only lets our conscious know bits and pieces of its infinite wisdom bases on how strong our limited beliefs are about reality and ourselves. The different levels of being aware of this infinite knowledge by the Higher-consciousness are extremely vast and infinitely huge. Yet, the Higher-consciousness can be broken down into the total of twenty-two levels. The process of life is to move up into our highest-consciousnesses.

    Laying A Foundation of Understanding About the 22 Levels of Awareness

    I will introduce the twenty-two levels of consciousnesses soon, but first let us lay a base of understanding about them. These twenty-two levels of consciousnesses are one of the same parts as a complete whole. In comparison, complete whole white light hits a prism and creates separate parts of the white light into component colors. The human eyes only see visible light, the light that the eye can perceive. The sun appears to produce visible light, yet it is colorless. This colorless light is what we refer to as white. White is not part of the visible spectrum even though we can see this light and the reason being, is that white light is not one single color. White light is the sum of infinite colors. When sunlight (which is white light) passes through a glass prism, it creates a rainbow of color. This could not be possible unless white light were a combination of infinite colors in the visible spectrum.

    When the white light hits a glass prism (which means the light bends twice), you can see the separated colors more easily because of dispersion. In a natural nature rainbow, the light separates as it moves through each raindrop in almost the same way as a glass prism.

    Our Higher-consciousnesses are comparable to white light since it has all infinite consciousnesses of color within it. When white sunlight hits a group of raindrops at a precise angle, you can see the seven component rainbow colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet within the air. Hence, I will break the consciousness levels down into the six main level colors of a dispersion rainbow and in-between each color I will describe the consciousness that arises to give set to the main conscious levels, although I am not counting these as consciousness levels. I call them the mixing consciousnesses (I also call them by borderline or fading consciousnesses) as these levels are the consciousnesses that are not set and allow for the transition of going from a lower consciousness to a higher or visa versa. Because of the mixer stages one can lower their consciousness or higher their consciousness. I will explain the lowest level and the highest level of each main consciousness level, making twenty-two levels. These than are the twenty-two levels of consciousnesses that I devised from low to high:
    • Red *Numb*
    This level has the description of 'Numb' since that is exactly the experience. Every feeling, thought and action is in a state of numbness. This consciousness level is by far the worse, for the reason that every emotion is nearly nonexistent, just barely enough emotion to function in society, although it is very difficult to notice this conscious level from an outside observer. Without help, there is a chance of remaining in this stage for a lifetime (which is usually not very long due to suicide). Could also be known as the "Fight or Flight" (creating killing thoughts of rather murder and/or suicide) or 'Frozen' level.
    · Lowest experience of Red: Thoughts of suicide are long gone; you are now attempting to commit suicide, many times at this lowest level causes one to ‘take out’ as many people as they can (“Fight or Flight”) along with themselves.
    · Highest experience of Red: Suicide is on the mind. This conscious level keeps the mind in relation to the victim mentality that causes isolation and self-mutilation behavior (Also known as carving or self-cutting deliberately to cause self-harm, self-destructive, and self-injury). Trauma of abuse or too many addictions could lead you here.
    Black Mixer *Ignorance*Every level listed here has some form of this level within it except the last two (Indigo and Violet). Yet the more consciously aware you become, the more ignorance vanishes. The key roots to all delusions are the product of ignorance hence I refer to it as the black mixer. Ignorance means not knowing, not seeing, not understanding, being unclear, or also known as being blind. When you are ignorant to the nature or mode of your experience through your conscious self, then you have reached the level of Red *Numb*. All levels of Ignorance are the result of fear magnified.
    • Orange *Depression*
    Shifting from Red to Orange: On coming out of Red and moving to Orange can cause you to become consciously aware of how you were living and as a result, your feelings, and thoughts start reacting. Before feelings and thoughts pass without noticing them and now there is an experience of watching some of them pass with no control, while flashbacks of the Red level begin to overwhelm the observer with anger from suffering.
    It can also get the description of 'Fear' (this level is where paranoia and obsessions enter) or 'Unthawing' level.
    When you descend from Yellow to Orange: Whenever you descend from a higher level to lower level, the experience is much the same. To get an idea of this process I will explain the descending here between this experience (Yellow to Orange) since anger and suffering are the two key points in both the highest and lowest consciousness experiences of Orange. When the experience of level of Orange is the result from denying Yellow then it is easier to progress because the experience of Orange after realizing Yellow (or any falling from higher to lower levels) is comparable to having a sliver or splinter stuck in your consciousness. Alternatively, the feeling of a piece of food stuck in your teeth and feeling a sense of hopelessness since you are not aware that you have the tool or ability to remove it. Yet one can only tolerate the feeling of the stuck food or sliver for so long before the annoyance becomes a big enough motivator to react.
    I also refer to the descending experiences as 'Suffering' or 'Anger' (Orange can also be label either or) because the sense of being stuck gives the observer the experience of suffering. One becomes aware enough to know, yet the consciousness is too cloudy and ignorant to do anything about it until anger enters the consciousness. Anger is either the motivator or descending force.
    · Lowest experience of Orange: On the lowest conscious level of Orange, the anger from suffering keeps people down producing hatred of self and others. Causing reactions that create mental/ emotional/ physical/ or sexual abuse, all addictions including legal (smoking, alcohol, prescriptions) or illegal drugs/ sexual intercourse/ materialistic/ television/ food/ work/ power/ money/ gambling/ negative thinking/ sleep EST. This is also the level and experience of grief for a passing of a loved one.
    · Highest experience of Orange: On the highest conscious level of Orange, anger is usually the driving force that helps one to become Yellow. When the experience becomes overwhelming and thoughts similar to, "I have had enough of this and I must do something about this right now even if it kills me!" enter the consciousness then the motivation begins.
    Darkest Grey Mixer *Denial*While ignorance is the experience of not knowing, denial is choosing to experience ignorance. Denial is the act of knowing but consciously making a choice to forget that you know (although can be seen as an unconscious choice since you forget once you carry it out). Some people feel that there is a sense of freedom in this choice, hence the saying "ignorance is bliss". Yet as I pointed out, if you consciously choose to experience Orange through denying Yellow then you will feel a sense of hopelessness, which obviously is not bliss but sometimes it is easier to take this route then simply accept Yellow. Deny Yellow and you experience Orange and deny Orange as your experience (or become conscious of your ignorance) then you will accept Yellow, hence the reason why denial is the mixer stage.
    • Yellow *Purpose*
    Shifting from Orange to Yellow: Making the shift from Orange to Yellow the motivation causes one to seek out others for the result of finding a purpose for life and give meaning/ reason to the suffering. This level is where Orange attaches to groups for information. Yellow is the stage where empowering and disempowering beliefs/ morals/ faith/ programs/ conditions/ traditions and/or manipulations are in formation. Sometimes the forming of empowering and disempowering ideas are in formation without a group of some kind, although the information is given by an outside source (the internet, a book, a person etc.) and at this point, the Yellow feels all alone in the information for a while. Then eventually a group of people who have the same ideas enters the Yellows experience through a series of events.
    · Lowest experience of Yellow: In the lowest form of conscious level the Yellow will seek out disempowering meanings from religions/ cults/ gangs/ clubs/ politics/ or some way to fit-in causing the Yellow to give-in to peek-pressure and become very gullible to beliefs and actions that are done in a group manner. This is a stage of irrational blame and separation since at this level the Yellow will have concerns about how their group is affected. Things like their own community, nation, race, religion and any other separated group they can imagine will be main priority and create a ego-ness to be extremely attached to their beliefs/ morals/ faith/ programs/ conditions/ traditions and/or manipulations that Yellow embraces. The Yellow attaches such a self-image of how they relate to others through themselves that they feel defensive to protect everything their group stands for causing irrational blame to other groups of community, nation, race, religion, gender, politics ETC. The Yellow attaches so firm to the ideas that it becomes “the one and only truth’. Anything to do with groups including group violence, vandalism, murder, war ETC. are all a part of the lower form of Yellow consciousness. Selfishness becomes a reality because of comparing seemly different separate groups, “my group is better then yours” causing self-indulgence to engage emotional and physical abusive activities. This is a difficult level to rise above from since there is many ego cravings attached here (self-centered, feeling better then, feeling separate, allowing for blame, getting approval, always being told your right ETC.) At this level and below is where most of the human consciousnesses are at now, although as each year passes, I see more and more people rising to higher conscious levels.
    · Highest experience of Yellow: At the highest conscious level of empowering, the Yellow can relate to the saying "everything happens for a reason" even as they do not have a reason behind everything that happens but it is more of a deciding that there are no accidents or coincidences. This way the Yellow empowers themselves to look through their past experiences and give it meaning.
    Dark Grey Mixer *Pride*The definition of pride here is the result of attachment to ego cravings. The more pride the Yellow has the more lower the conscious experience will precede downward. There is a point where having too much pride will cause suffering and at that point the Yellow will either deny (Darkest Grey Mixer *Denial* consciously or unconsciously choosing to experience ignorance) any pride (attachment to ego cravings) and decide that there is no purpose/ meaning to anything declining them into an Orange consciousness. On the other hand, the pain of the pride will cause the Yellow to decide that the best way to find out what is true (even given all the pain and contradictions) would be to leave the group (on the highest experience of Yellow, the group would encourage this choice) and investigate as an individual person.
    • Green *Independence*
    Shifting from Yellow to Green: As the Green shifts away from attachments to ego cravings, the attachments to outcomes and results of events and experiences are still very much present. Yet at this level, the observant skills heighten since the Green is searching for what works and what does not work. The Green studies and examines life, which sometimes leads to experimenting mostly from the viewpoint of looking at the physical (objective) world for the answers; however an inkling of the inner (subjective) world is being processed. Eventually the Green will work through the inconsistencies, incongruity, and absurdity of life to find some similarities in what the Yellow once thought of as separate groups of people. As a result, the Green starts to focus on what everyone has in common despite the differences and will start seeing a bigger picture that was not as clear before. This level is a step towards compassion for others point of view and getting a sense of walking in others shoes. Emotional empathy emerges. The Green starts to see the systems in position that held the Yellow back from climbing to Green. A type of mental freedom and release takes place that sometimes inspires the Green to rebel against any system. This rebelling (unlike the Yellow who rebels to gain approval to fit-in) is to give others a sense of this newfound mental independence. This stage is the level that plants the seed in many people to have the desire of becoming a life-couch or spiritual-teacher ETC.
    · Lowest experience of Green: At the lowest consciousness side of Green, the teaching will over-mask the learning causing the Green to start attaching to their ideas and the ‘truth’ they found. In addition to the rebelling, the creation of a group will be set in place. While the Yellow attaches and attracts themselves to groups, the Greens create groups. (This group forming happens on the highest level of Green as well, which can continue into Blue. Yet the group will only enter the lowest level of Yellow by Dark Grey Mixer *Pride* the attachment to ego cravings.) At the lowest portion of Green, the attachment of ideas, the abandonment of the learning process and the rebelling of any system missing independence that caused the creation of the group in the first place will eventually lead even the creator of the group to slip down to Yellow consciousness through Dark Grey Mixer *Pride* attaching to ego cravings.
    · Highest experience of Green: On the highest level of Green, it does not take long to ascend to Blue. Especially if teaching others becomes even a little part of the Greens experience (sometimes on the pursuit to tell people about this mental freedom the Green will cross paths with Blue) since the Green would be giving the opportunity to gain knowledge of learning much more. The Green quickly becomes aware that teaching always leads to more learning.
    Grey Mixer *Attachment*
    The release of all attachments to outcomes and results of events and experiences is what holds the Green back from experiencing Blue. In the highest stage of Green, this is easy to do since Green is open to learning. Usually the learning happens quickly, especially if at the stage of Yellow the Green attached to a group of Blue consciousness. If Yellow attracts to a group of Blue consciousness then the Blue group would encourage the Yellows choice to leave the group and rise to Green consciousness. In addition, obviously the moment Blue attaches to any outcomes and results of events and experiences the descending process to Green will take place.
    • Blue *Acceptance*
    Shifting from Green to Blue: Letting go of all attachments to outcomes allows a peaceful acceptance to take place, an acceptance of a very patient, calming, unconcerned, and flexible approach to anything that life offers. This accepting is a trust in the universe that there is an arrangement behind every single event, hence the reasoning why being attached to all outcomes is released. The saying “Let go and let God” derived from Blue. At this level, you are aware of the perfection in everything. As I pointed-out in the “Perfect Universe Verse Taking Action” article.
    · Lowest experience of Blue: At this level, Blue learns they have the ability to become organized, set goals, create reality, improve situations, self-control/ enthusiasm/ eagerness/ and willingness to make the level of personal life an object of intention.
    · Highest experience of Blue: The highest experience, the Blue achieves the goals set, manipulates reality through their creation influence, and dramatically improves situations. The Blue realizes this is a process done only by first letting go of attachments to outcomes. As I explained in “How to Find Your Passion and Make It Your Career most Blue’s are aware that when Blue thinks they have to, push/ bend/ mold/ and oblige things in place with force by having an obligation, necessities, and requirements for a desired outcome they will only attract undesirable results. Once the Blue decided that any outcome is acceptable then the best outcome happens through intention because the more Blue tries to control a situation, the more unmanageable it gets. Blue knows the reason is because everything is equal and when trying to control something, one is suggesting that they are above it or somehow not equal to it. If one is ever trying to move away from something, get past or rise above anything then one will be mistaken. Blue is consciously awake enough to know that the universe is infinite and will always remind one that they are equal to everything else.
    Light Grey Mixer *Doubt*For the Blue although there is no doubt in trusting the universe and seeing the ability of cause and effect on a personal level through intention by letting go, there is doubt in self that causes the Blue to not accept the responsibility in humanity. Blue is blind to the fact that they have the ability to change the world, even as the Blue shares knowledge and experiences that influence many others to reach higher levels of consciousnesses.
    • Indigo *Universal Knowledge*
    Shifting from Blue to Indigo: The Indigo recognizes completely that consciousness is the process behind everything; as a result, the inner (subjective) world is fine-tuned and cherished which creates all release in doubt about self. An embracing of an intense compassionate feeling and magnificent love for self causes floods of emotion. The feeling of this emotion for self is equal to the feelings for all others. This event allows for the experience of oneness consciousness, the acknowledgment of this oneness experience plants a seed to begin accepting love as more then an emotion. As I concluded in “The 100th Monkey Syndrome article this oneness experience, through different perspectives can open different levels of consciousnesses. The main thing to discover is that the oneness verse the individuality are one in the same but mainly the individuality is a game we are all playing with in order to experience oneness in separate pieces, instead of knowing infinitely everything. If we knew the infinite potential we were then we would not be able to experience the infiniteness because the game would be over. It would be like a magician trying to entertain an audience who all know the illusion behind the tricks.
    · Lowest experience of Indigo: At the lowest conscious level of Indigo, there is an unstoppable happiness and spontaneous living starting to take shape. Yet is not quite a reality (however, the shift into this consciousness is sometimes experienced) although the Indigo has accepted responsibility the Indigo has in the world and starts making significant contributions and acts of assistance to help humanity.
    · Highest experience of Indigo: The highest-level experience unfolds a strong intuition of knowing infinite potential to take place. Most if not all the choices that Indigo makes, are intuitions, instinct, and impulse guided. Intuition (instincts and impulse) is the energy of you in which remembers who you really are, the infinite potential. Intuition is the door to the *Universal Knowledge* (which I reveal my experience of Universal Knowledge here) of everything. This is a very natural feeling that requires spontaneous, unstructured, and unplanned living that allows for a steadfast, persistent, consistent, unshakable, omnipresent happiness. This stage is the level that I refer to as the “aliveness” in which I mentioned in the article “Biggest Problem in the World”. At this point, many give Indigo the role or label of an advanced spiritual teacher.
    Lightest Grey Mixer *Boundaries*
    As I clarified in “How to Stay Positive in Negative Situations every one of us are infinite therefore setting boundaries and borders are our way to define ourselves as something in particular. If you are part of everything then you cannot define yourself as anything within the everything. As a result, we can begin to see and experience our infiniteness as parts. We will see more of our infiniteness as we add more and more parts by stretching our consciousnesses (the consciousness that the infinite Higher-consciousness allows us to see) past the boundaries that are filtered through our ‘comfort zones’. The only way to reach the next level of Violet is to let go of all boundaries and merge into the all of everything. The Indigo has to realize that there is no reason to define Self as anything in particular since it is limiting to the infinite Self and expression of who Self really is as an infinite potential being.
    • · Violet *Unconditional Love*
    Shifting from Indigo to Violet: The awareness of True Purpose unfolds and an awakening to the State of Being frequency of Unconditional Love becomes a reality. This shift allows the Indigo knowing infinite potential to merge with the Violet feeling infinite potential. Unconditional Love is the feeling frequency (without emotion) and the feeling becomes an Expression in everything that the Violet thinks, says, and does. Everything becomes an expression of who you really are as an infinite potential being.
    · Lowest experience of Violet: Any lower and the Violet will consciously put boundaries in place.
    · Highest experience of Violet: Any higher and the Violet shifts into the White *Infinite Potential* experience.
    • · White *Infinite Potential*
    Knowing infinite potential and feeling infinite potential becomes expression through experience. The Full Embodiment of Every Possibility becomes available to Experience. This is the objective of life. This has been the objective from the beginning of time. The whole reason the physical universe was set into motion. I gave details about this infinite potential in this article: The Purpose/Plan of Consciousness. The Reason for Existence/Blue Print of Reality. Where We Been & Where We Are Going. Conscious Evolution
    The Process of Life Through the Different Levels of Awareness
    Our Higher-consciousness is like a guiding parent, always one-step ahead to allow our consciousness to become aware of a different higher level within awareness through our infinite knowledge. Let us use the parenting role as an example: you have a child and they have always been shy. Extremely shy that it is affecting everything they do or will not do because of their shyness. Therefore, as the loving parent that you are, you try to convince your child that they have to overcome their shyness to progress in life. However, the child is convinced that they cannot change. They say things like, “I can’t” or “it is not possible”. Therefore, through the child’s growing years you try to explain as much as you can about how to overcome shyness, but you seem unable to break them of their comfort level. Then through a series of events as the child grows into a teen they decide they need a job and have to step a little outside the comfort zone to have an interview, and they realize they need this job to move out on their own so they have even more of a drive. Through a series of experiences, the shyness disappears and they end up choosing the choice they thought they could not choose.
    How Your Consciousness Evolves
    You might get glimpses of many of these consciousness levels before you experience them throughout life. As if you are collecting puzzle pieces, yet are unaware that these pieces create a picture and you may understand the meaning of what one puzzle piece means to another, but when you see the bigger picture that the puzzle pieces are creating, you understand that you have been working on this picture the whole time. You realize why it is so important to complete the picture and you can now live that realization of working on the picture, instead of wondering around in search of puzzle pieces to store into your consciousness.
    There is No Limit, Everything is Within
    The irony about this is that in the moment you see the bigger picture, then you realize you already knew and had the picture to begin with, even before you started collecting the puzzle pieces. The picture was whole without piece before. Everything you ever wanted to know was already within you, but you could not see it because you thought you had to experience it, you thought the answers were outside of yourself, and at times, you did look within, but you could not see past the limited beliefs about yourself. You did not give yourself enough confidence or credit for what you are capable of, which I must say we are all capable of anything. This realization start to take place around the “Highest experience of Yellowtherefore if your consciousness level is at least at this stage then there is a possibility that you could be aware of glimpses of Violet. The more you become aware of other levels of consciousnesses the easier it is to ascend and my intention for this ‘different consciousness levels diagram’ is to dramatically increase others awareness into higher levels of consciousnesses.
    The consciousness is a marvelous thing; the dividing of it can surpass into infinite numbers. I am sure you have heard of a disorder called multiple personality where two or more distinct conscious identities or personalities existence in an individual, each with its own conscious model of the world to which they perceive things and intermingle with their reality. The most conscious multiple personalities ever recorded was well over 200 that could be accurately accounted. Therefore, you may notice that certain areas of your life are at one level while other areas are on another level completely. For example, you maybe addicted to negative thinking on the “Lowest experience of Orangeyet can relate to the saying “everything happens for a reason” on the “Highest experience of Yellowlevel. However, just like multiple personality there is an original independent owner to the body. In other words, there is a level that feels more independent to your experience overall the levels considered.In the next article, I will dive into how to higher your current original independent level of conscious experience. Everything in ones surroundings effects conscious awareness therefore it would be wise to know which ones lower and higher the conscious levels.