If you're interested in conscious living, then likely you're just as equally interested in Zen but simply not knowingly interested.

Usually Zen is associated with Japanese culture and religious or Buddhism practice, but true Zen (or at least the way this site uses the term) is emphasizing the value of conscious living.

Zen and conscious living come together and go hand-in-hand. Hence, conscious living without Zen is a huge oversight and vice-versa because these are not two.

"Conscious Flex: Zen & Conscious Living" is designed to offer a partnership of how these seemingly two are actually one movement.

Zen is the foundational spaciousness or presence from which conscious living derives. In the same manner that an artist, inventor or intuitive actions come from the stillness in the silence of non-movement.

In other words, Zen is a resting in the powerful space of not thinking about thought, not doing anything about doing, not trying to be the solver or understander, the knower collector but simply allowing the intelligence of life to flow through you and as you.

What is described can be thought of as meditation or accessing our intuition, but it's actually just natural living.

Often you will see kids in a natural resting space or presence and we tell them "snap out of it" because we think they are in "lala land" or "fantasy land" and not paying attention but actually they are simply being completely present with what is. It's natural to just rest and be, that's the flow from which insight and wisdom arises from.

Hence, conscious living is also the natural flow of how life organically expands upon itself. Consequently, conscious living is Zen living, when it's pure and without conceptual overlays.

  • The Mind uses 10% Ability. How to Access the Other 90% of the Brains Potential

    When doing dishes do you think "I am going to take this dish and put it in this sink of water.", "Now I am going to take another dish and put it in the sink of water.", "This sink is full of dishes, now I am going to pick up a dish and take this clothe to clean the food off this dish."?

    Of course not, that would be a very slow process in everything you do. You would have to wait for a thought to happen in order to do anything. You would be waiting to finish a thought before you took any action. You would be like a robot that doesn't do anything without the instructions of a thought. You would spend the majority of your life waiting for a thought to happen.

    This is a very overexaggerated point, but it's similar to how humans operate through the mind comparable to the maximum potential that humans have. The mind is part of the brain was developed shortly after language was discovered (brain and mind are just concepts I am using, in order to simplify the context in this article). The mind has a four fold process to it:

    1. It's first job is to separate everything it observes in reality.
    2. Through separating everything, it now recognizes similarities and differences in everything that it separates (hence everything in reality you can observe).
    3. By recognizing the similarities and differences between everything, it now puts a label on everything.
    4. Now that everything has a label, the mind can use language easily. Hence thoughts can be formed through the structure of words and sentences.

    For example, there are many different chairs in this world. There are all kinds of chairs, all different sizes, all different shapes, all different structures, all different patterns, all different designs. Yet, every chair has similar qualities to them. Hence the mind knows what a chair is through these similarities and now all chairs have the label of being a chair. With this label/word, the mind can use it in a sentence to form a thought and express that thought to others.

    The Mind Slows Everything Down
    This is a wonderful discovery and the mind is very useful in processing everything in this manner. However, throughout the years of constantly doing this, the mind has formed a pattern that is quite destructive and slows down the process in making spontaneous choices. The brain makes it's choices quite naturally and spontaneously, but the mind overlooks these spontaneous choices and thinks itself to be the brain. The mind sees itself to be the thinker of all choices that happen. Today people relate to the mind of thought as if the thoughts are who they are.

    The Mind Development of the Fifth Process
    The mind only had a four fold process to it, but over time it developed a fifth process that is very destructive. The mind developed what I am terming a 'repatterned memory'. I am not referring of memory that comes from the brain storing data. I am referring to memory here as a repeating thought pattern.

    For example, if you take a rechargeable battery and you don't let the stored energy of that battery fully die before recharging it again (repeating this process again and again), eventually it will develop a memory and the maximum full range of that battery can no longer be used because it can't fully charge. This is known as memory effect, it restricts the battery from recharging to its maximum potential. In other words, if you only use 10% of the battery power then recharge it again and repeat this process many times, eventually you will be able to access only 10% of that battery powers potential. Once this memory takes place, even if you start draining the battery energy completely before recharging it, the developed memory will still takeover.

    The Destructive Pattern that the Mind Developed
    Who you are is not the mind or the thoughts that the mind has, but this is how we were all taught. Due to this teaching, our focus is on the mind (the thoughts). With most of our focus on the mind, that has become a dominant factor in our lives. What you focus on grows and develops, through this focus is how the development happened.

    The mind developed a 'repatterned memory' and started recognizing patterns. In other words, instead of the mind only recognizing the similarities and differences in what it observes, it started to recognize the patterns in the similarities and differences of those observed things.

    Why is this a problem?

    The problem is that the patterns that are recognized, are based on the past. For example, before this 'repatterned memory' took place, the mind would see a chair and label it a chair, but now it's taking that label and relating it to every chair it ever seen through it's past observations. In other words, it started taking the job of the brain. The brains job is to store the data that the mind gives it and use that data for it's spontaneous choices. The minds job is only to see the similarities and differences in things and pass that data to the brain.

    The Brain Versus the Mind
    This a very dangerous position for the mind to be in because it thinks it can predict what will happen by recognizing these patterns from the past (again this is the brains job, it does this automatically and spontaneously without a thought about it).

    The mind relates everything it observers in your present reality as a link to the past in someway or another. For example, the computer screen you are looking at to read these words, the mind remembers through 'repatterned memory': when you bought the screen, where you bought the screen, why you bought the screen, etc... and it is likely that once you observe it, the mind will form thoughts about it.

    However, the brain doesn't have a thought about the computer screen because the memory that the brain stores is only used for purpose. In other words, the brain has no reason to use math skills unless a math problem presents itself in the moment. The mind will form thoughts about everything it observes because the 'repatterned memory' of the mind is looking for a purpose in all the things it observers.

    The mind started doing this through our focus out of a survival technique to avoid pain based on the labels. For example, when you hear the word love, the mind will take the label of love and recall all the experiences from your past that relate to the label of love. Now it has a reference-point of the past, based on the label of love and it decides if that label is threatening or not. If the label is a threat, the mind will take a position to it and identify it as being painful.

    However, the brain doesn't take a position to anything, it doesn't identify anything as being a threat because the brain stores data in a way that allows it to naturally avoid pain without recalling the past or having a thought about the past. The brain is completely present at all times to make sure that the result of pain is automatically avoided. If the brain was not present and lived in the past like the mind, then the brain would have a very difficult time living life in a natural manner. You would be the robot mentioned at the beginning of this article.

    The problem is that the mind sees everything as a potential threat. For example, if you have ever had a computer screen short-out on you, the mind will see all computer screens as faulty, especial the label that was given to that specific screen (Hewlett Packard, Dell, Acer, etc.. whatever the label happened to be). Like-wise, if you have been in a car accident in your life, the mind will make a threat out of every label called a car, especially the position you were in at the moment of impact. In some cases, if you were the driver, you might stop driving completely. Every-time you put yourself in the drivers seat position, the mind will have thoughts of fear "Danger, danger... remember what happened last time?". The mind does that continuously throughout your waking existence and with everything it observes.

    However, the brain gathers unfathomable amounts of data in such a way that it automatically knows exactly what to do in a very accurate and precise manner within any given experience. In fact, chances are that you were in that car accident because the mind of thoughts were distracting you (or the other driver) from being completely present with driving. If the driver was completely present, the brain would have fired-up all that unfathomable data before the accident occurred (also known as intuition).

    The Mind Causes History to Repeat Itself
    Since the mind is continuously and constantly living in the past, the mind is what keeps people in the past and keeps people connected to the past. The mind brings the past into the now and causes people to relive the past over and over again.

    Right now this present moment has nothing to do with the past. The past is not alive until the mind brings it about. This is why it's said that history repeats itself. History doesn't naturally repeat itself. History is repeated by bringing old patterns of the past into the present moment. The mind patterns are a repeating pattern of the past. The past is not alive except in the routine of the mind 'repatterned memory' caused by comparing the past with the now. This is the mind trying to see a patten in order to avoid pain.

    The mind is always aligning itself to past events and making a bridge to connect the past to the present. In this way, nothing is ever going to seem new to the mind. Life seems like an old routine to the mind.

    The only thing that happens which the mind relates to NEW, is when it experiences something that it has no experience of in the past. For example, like having a new job, where you have to learn new skills. Yet even this is never fully a new experience to the mind because there are always things around in the environment that the mind labels and relates to the past.

    However, nothing is ever routine and it's always new and fresh when the brain is allowed to be completely present (without the mind), where intuition resides and arises. In this way, the past becomes dead and stays in the past. The mind doesn't like this because the mind feels that it's there to help avoid old past pains. Yet, the mind is the very tool that is causing the pains in the first place. Using the example above, the mind tells you not to drive that car, but it was the mind that caused the car accident in the first place.

    Of course the brain does routine things and sees patterns in life through the unfathomable data it gathers, but it does this automatically without referring you to a thought about it. Hence your experience is new and fresh in every moment, life stops operating in patterns for you. There is no need for you (the mind) to see the patterns when you realize the brain does this in perfect, precise, and accurate manner without you.

    The Mind Created Past & Future
    The mind made a connection to the past and sees that the past repeats itself, yet the mind is the only thing causing the past to repeat itself by bring the past into this present moment. It's amazing because a pattern that the mind sees of the past (which is all it knows) brings all ideas of the future too. The mind determined that life keeps going from past to past in a line (past keeps moving) and repeats in that way. It keeps seeing the past moving in a line and this moving from past to past in a line is a pattern it labeled future. Since the mind sees everything as a potential threat, it's ideas of the future are potential threats too. This brings about thoughts of fear to a future event, by recognizing patterns of the past as always moving.

    Using the car example above, the mind gave you the thought "Danger, danger... remember what happened last time?". It's comparing the past to the future. It thinks the past will happen again in the future. This is a very logical understanding to the mind. To the mind, the future is going to be relatable to the past and the now is always relatable to the past in someway. Based on this 'logic' is how the mind makes its decisions.

    The Brain Decisions Versus the Mind Decisions

    For the brain, everything is the product of automatically deciding. It's exactly how experiences of intuition arise. Do you remember a time when you had an intuition experience? There are different levels of intuition, but I would describe them all as an instant knowing or deciding.

    There was no thinking or guessing what to say or do, you just knew exactly within that moment what the best possible choice was within that given situation or perhaps you instinctively knew who was calling before you answered the phone.

    Alternatively, you could have made a choice without consciously being aware of why you made that choice. For example, you been planning to go to that party all week and all of sudden for no reason known to you, you decide not to go. Later you find out that the ceiling of the house that the party was at collapsed, injuring or taking the life of nearly everyone there.

    Usually people experience intuition in a time where their life is threatened and they must make a quick choice to do something in order to survive. For most people, these are incredible and unbelievable things that happen.

    Intuition is always there and ready at all times with infinite capabilities. It is very natural to be in a state of full awareness by being completely present.

    The mind is a tool. For many people they mistakenly use intuition (the brain) as the tool and identify the mind as who they are.
    The mind is a slow decision making process, but intuition is a decision making process as well, yet it is not limited like the mind. The brain has infinite potential, but when filtered through the mind then the brain becomes limited by the minds limit. The mind only allows minimum processing of information in each moment.

    Try This Exercise
    Hold a memory in your mind. At this time without losing that memory, hold a completely different memory next to it. Now keep holding more and more memories in your mind at the same-time until you cannot manage to hold anymore different memories within your focus.

    For most people even holding two different memories at the same-time makes it difficult, let alone continuing the exercise.

    Intuition (the brain) on the other hand has access to every memory ever stored simultaneously in every instant. Not only is the process immediate, but also every decision is accurate, precise and exact because of the unfathomable data available.

    Intuition only seems to happen when ones life is in danger and the mind doesn't have time to respond. This happens quite naturally and automatically when your life is danger and there is no time for the mind to link itself to a past event about something. In fact the intuition seems to know all the past without ever linking itself there. It sees patterns from the past and connects it to the now without a thought about it. When intuition happens, you can observe that you didn't have to think about it, it just happened. That's because intuition is doing the thinking WITHOUT YOU. In these moments you only observe these events happening.

    Afterward when the mind comes back in, you might feel fear "What if this happened...", "I could have died!", that's the mind connecting what happened (the past) with the now. The mind also might claim what happened as its doing, "Yep, I just did what I had to do."... yet the mind or you were not even present. There was no you doing it because you as who you think you are 'the thinking mind' was not present. The mind likes to claim it as if it was you because the mind thinks of itself as in charge of events and has a choice in the matter. When intuition happens, there was no you to claim anything, it just happened and you just noticed it happen because that's who you really are: the one who notices, the witness, the present observer. Always in the now, always present.

    The Mind is Never Present
    The mind never sees the now as it really is. It misses the now completely because it's always seeing the now as something relatable to the past. You are literally living the past right now in your thoughts (every thought is of the mind). When this is truly grasped, then you will realize that no thought you have is ever going to be true. Every thought you have in the present moment, is going to be from a mind that doesn't understand the present moment. The mind thinks it has everything figured out, but the one thing it can not figure out is this present moment. To the mind this present moment is relatable to the past. The past is only an idea of something that happened to the mind. The past is a label that the mind recognizes as reality.

    However, the past has no affect on anybody in this present moment. The past only has a significant meaning to you if you are listening to your thoughts. The past is nothing more or less than a thought from the mind. The future is also an idea of the mind and has no affect on anybody. The future only has an important purpose to you if you are paying attention to your thoughts. The future is nothing more or less than a thought from the mind. This is the foundation of all fear.

    No Fear Without the Mind
    Fear can not arise in the present moment when there is no link to the past or future. The mind lives in the past by recognizing patterns in the past and brings it into the now (which gives ideas of the future). How can you fear anything if you had no 'repatterned memory' of a past? Fear is created by the mind thinking that the past is going to happen again. Are you beginning to see that no thoughts holds any value for you? This present moment is the only thing that holds any value for anybody. In this present moment all things are possible, you are only limited by the thoughts you have.

    Connecting to Intuition (The Brain)
    The way to connect to your intuition is by being in the now and observing the thoughts without giving the thoughts energy. Just observe the thoughts that come and go, as nothing more than the imagination. This imagination is the mind, the mind of thoughts, the mind of past. Intuition happens quite naturally when there is no link to the past. When you can fully embrace the now without giving the past significance, then you are fully aligned with intuition.

    Why be in the now and align with intuition when intuition is not needed?

    Intuition is always needed in order to experience life as exciting, free, content, blissful, new, mysterious, full of wonder, and fun... without routine, old, boring, stressful, worry-some, and fearful.

    The reason people worry is because they bring the past into the now and worry about the past becoming the future, yet the past can only become the future when the mind is allowed to bring the past into the now.

    The only reason people stress is because they see every single thing in the now as a past event. When there are many things happening in one moment and in that moment everything is being relatable to the past experiences, then the now becomes painful and the mind can't keep up with it's own self. It can't keep up through its own process of connecting everything now into the past (that is the only thing that causes stress).

    The only reason people experience fear in the now is because they are connecting the now into the past and thinking this now has something to do with the past of painful events or thinking the past is going to happen in the future.

    The only reason people experience the now as routine, old, and boring is because the mind sees past in everything, everything is past.

    You may not label the now as past in such an obvious way, it's more like a constant way without even noticing it. Become the observer of thoughts and it's very noticeable.

    Thoughts happen, thought arise, there is nothing you can do about that. Yet, you can be in the present and observe the thoughts happening without connecting to those thoughts as something real. The past is gone, totally dead, never here, you can't get the past back, the past is just that: the past. It's never alive, only a miss understanding of perspective of the mind being forced into the now, is the only link. That link limits you and your potential to do anything new. There is nothing new in the present when the mind is involved. By new, I am meaning: what people consider miracles. By miracles, I am meaning: something that can't be defined by the mind.

    Intuition only operates in the now, right now, everything else is an idea of what this now means and the only way to provide meaning into this now, is to bring the past into this now. The now is never anything else than what it is, it's when you attach meaning to the now that the past becomes something of significance.

    Living Without Knowing
    Can you live your life without knowing what this life means? Can you live your life without giving it meaning? Can you live your life without providing a purpose to it? Can you live your life without having to know what's all about?

    If you can do that then you can put yourself into a position of living the miracle of what life really is. The miracle of this life can only be found without giving it purpose because the only why to give this life purpose is to link it to something you already know. Everything you know is linked to the past. You can't know anything in life without linking it to past events and experiences you have already had.

    The only way to know what this life is all about without linking to past experiences, is to trust someone to tell you what it's about, but notice that anybody who tells you what life is all about, is always linking to their own past and telling you how it is through their past experiences. In fact, the trust you give to people to tell you how life works, is really trusting their past experiences about life. Their past limits them, just as much as your own past limits you.

    The point is that nobody knows for sure what this moment now is all about because to know what this moment now is about, you must have some sort of link to the past in someway or another.

    How can we ever know what life is about if all we know about life is linked to the past?

    We are not meant to know. To know, you must bring the past up. To know you must remember something in the now that relates to the past. Yet intuition knows without linking to a past. If you put your trust into the intuition, then you allow the intuition to know without you. Therefore you allow your life to be played-out through connecting to the intuition of yourself. In this you may begin to see what life really is about, but you will never know what it is about that can be explained into words because words are for the mind and the mind links things to the past

    Living Without Logic
    The moment you try to express what your intuition had shown you, you are attempting to connect that intuition (that now) to the past. In doing so you will be misunderstood by others because all others are always connecting to past. The past (the mind) has shown them that everything you are trying to define does not make logic sense. Their logic is based on taking the past and seeing a pattern in the now and therefore the now is never seen as it really is because it is seen as the past. The people of minds will tell you of the past and how the past has a pattern that has occurred.

    No explanation you give is ever going to satisfy unless you can get them to connect with their own intuition and see that the now moment is unlimited by the past. Only through direct experience can anybody understand what intuition shows.

    Living Without a Past
    When you stop trying to know the now through the past then the now becomes something of a miracle. That miracle is a lived experience and direct applying. You start to see that anything is possible because all the teachings and learning's you had are undone. You unlearned everything you thought you knew and came to place of the now where nothing is known and it's all mysterious. Where the past has no hold on you and the present moment is the only thing available. Through this one moment of now anything is possible because you don't know what is possible and what is not possible. There is no way to know because there is no link to the past, where everything you thought you knew is not active in the now. Who can know without a past?

    Living the Paradox of Both Opposites
    Every moment is now and new. It's like you were just now born into this world and you are experiencing everything for the first time, so there is nothing to know because you know nothing. You have nothing to refer back to in order to know what this is. You accept that this is what it is without knowing what it is. This moment could be good, it could be bad, but there is no way to know. Both of the opposites of everything become irrelevant because you know nothing of anything.

    The Funny Mind
    The mind might say, "But how do I live a normal life without knowing?" Isn't it funny how the mind always has to know? Why? When your living in intuition (in the moment without giving attention to thoughts) everything that occurs, it occurs naturally. Your intuition knows and you trust that because it is all knowing. It will provide you with everything you need to know without knowing it through a past. This is actually a very natural way of living life. Not normal, but natural.

    The mind might say "This life is not a miracle, it's based on patterns and if you don't recognize this, you will be living in pain!". Isn't it funny how the mind wants to tear down everything in order to make itself right? The power of intuition (your brain), is unfathomablely powerful and it doesn't need a mind to function. The mind has no answers. Intuition has shown time and time again that it has all the answers and you intuitively know that IT has all the answers (not you). Therefore everything you know becomes a knowing without knowing why you know. Another way to say that is: everything that happens, happens intuitively and there is no you involved (a knowing without you).

    Living in Complete Trust
    Usually when you ask someone how they know something, they will tell you of their past and how they come to adopt what they know, but intuition is about knowing without an explanation. Knowing without a past. Intuition is a knowing without you. The intuition knowing is intimate yet not personal. Not an intellectual knowing, but a whole knowing without cause. A complete trust because there is nothing not to trust about it.

    In order for the mind to trust, it has to experience (rather it be a person, environment, or life itself) many times over and over again in order to see a pattern and if it sees a pattern that is worthy of trust then it can trust. Doing this, the mind learns to trust nothing especially life.

    However, intuition trust doesn't need that because it takes a form of whole complete knowing. There is no development that leads to this trust because it comes from of place that is all knowing. In fact it's such a complete and total whole knowing that you give your own life to it. You allow yourself to let go of all the past and allow this intuition to take over every part of your life without fear because what is shown, is that this life can not be mastered through the mind. You can try to master it all you want, but you will notice that you will still have routine, old, boring, stressful, worry-some, and fearful thoughts (these thoughts will seem significant). It's because you're trying to master life through a tool that is not completely whole.

    Trading 10% Potential for 100%
    Have you heard that the brain uses only 10% of it's potential? It's no wonder people only use 10% of their brain potential when they are filtering the brain through the mind. Where is the other 90%? Intuition knows where it's at. The mind is only 10% of the equation of life. That is to say the past only has 10% to do with the totality of what life actually is. It's no wonder life is seen the way it is, when your only seeing 10% of it. However, when living in the moment, the other 90% is revealed. This does not mean you now have the ability to master life, it means there is no you there anymore to master life. Life runs quite naturally, automatically, and spontaneously without you (without the mind, without giving thoughts focus, without giving the past power).

    Practice, Practice, Practice
    The mind (thought) has been the focal-point for such a longtime, that this is going to take practice. Living in the present moment is not so natural anymore. In fact, people are happy sitting there doing nothing as long as they have thoughts to entertain them. If someone is sitting there doing nothing and having no thoughts to entertain, boredom becomes a dominate factor.

    To the mind, intuition (being still and quite) is boredom. To the mind, intuition (observing everything without attaching thought) is boredom.

    The mind needs to be entertained, it needs to be searching, it needs to be labeling, it needs to be finding meaning, and it needs to think. The less attention you give to your mind, the more it will die. Not die in the sense of no thoughts, but die in the sense that the thoughts no longer matter.

    Therefore, the more you can be the observer of thoughts, the more presence (intuition) you will have.
    The more you can see the thoughts as irrational, the less you will listen to them and the more intuition you will be aligned with.

    The more you can see the past stories that the mind plays, the less the past will have meaning to you and the more you can be here in the present.

    The Goal of Life for Everyone
    I have been using 'the brain' and 'intuition' as labels here to make a point, but they are still labels for the mind, so be careful that you don't attach to these words as being who you are. You are not some label or conceptual idea that can fit into words. In fact, intuition or brain is just a word to describe the same-thing that everyone speaks about. It's all the same-thing and only a label to point something that can't be explained with words, but is known through direct awareness and observing everything without the mind.

    The goal of life for everyone is to awaken to what they are already, consciousness does this through intuition of infinite possibilities beyond what the mind can perceive. It does this in two ways: leading us through a series of events to recognize what we already are from seeing ourselves as individual's to seeing the Wholeness we are AND by leading us as the whole collective conscious humanity from seeing limits to seeing what is possible. All paths lead to the same purpose. Uniting Humans is designed to lead the collective beyond the mind limits.