If you're interested in conscious living, then likely you're just as equally interested in Zen but simply not knowingly interested.

Usually Zen is associated with Japanese culture and religious or Buddhism practice, but true Zen (or at least the way this site uses the term) is emphasizing the value of conscious living.

Zen and conscious living come together and go hand-in-hand. Hence, conscious living without Zen is a huge oversight and vice-versa because these are not two.

"Conscious Flex: Zen & Conscious Living" is designed to offer a partnership of how these seemingly two are actually one movement.

Zen is the foundational spaciousness or presence from which conscious living derives. In the same manner that an artist, inventor or intuitive actions come from the stillness in the silence of non-movement.

In other words, Zen is a resting in the powerful space of not thinking about thought, not doing anything about doing, not trying to be the solver or understander, the knower collector but simply allowing the intelligence of life to flow through you and as you.

What is described can be thought of as meditation or accessing our intuition, but it's actually just natural living.

Often you will see kids in a natural resting space or presence and we tell them "snap out of it" because we think they are in "lala land" or "fantasy land" and not paying attention but actually they are simply being completely present with what is. It's natural to just rest and be, that's the flow from which insight and wisdom arises from.

Hence, conscious living is also the natural flow of how life organically expands upon itself. Consequently, conscious living is Zen living, when it's pure and without conceptual overlays.

  • The Purpose/Plan of Consciousness. The Reason for Existence/Blue Print of Reality. Where We Been & Where We Are Going. Conscious Evolution

    I often hear people feeling dishearten about the future of human beings and Earth changes. In this article, you will be able to logically see that there is a conscious plan to our existence. The history of conscious evolution and everything that has happen, was there for a precise reason. This article will point out a logically clear understanding, that there is a future destination of realizing our potential as human beings.

    Yet in order to realize where we are going in the future, we have to recognize that consciousness has always been guiding us since the beginning of time (even before we realized ourselves as human beings). I am going to layout a foundation of how consciousness has evolved into where we are now and where we are heading (which is easy to recognize after seeing where consciousness has been and why).

    16.4 billion years ago consciousness had an awareness of itself called: Action/ reaction.

    Consciousness is the source behind everything, but before the things that exist today, consciousness only had an awareness of action/ reaction. Things contain consciousness at a variety of different levels, but the first level that consciousness became aware of itself was the same amount consciousness you can find in objects. Objects contain a conscious level of action/ reaction.

    Everything has consciousness. Everything has an awareness and objects contain the awareness level of action/ reaction. If you drop a pen (action), it will fall (reaction).

    820 million years ago consciousness developed a higher awareness of itself called: Stimulus Response.

    Through conscious evolution, consciousness became aware of itself as more (this is the key to consciousness evolution: it is always discovering itself to be more). The major difference between action/ reaction and stimulus response is the amount of awareness. There is more conscious awareness in stimulus response than action/ reaction. You will find this level of awareness in cells. At this level, the cells are only aware of the group as a whole (all the cells in your body work together for your body as a whole, they do not recognize themselves as individuals) and responding together with no realization of self or others (for an example: nests, hives, etc).

    At the beginning of 820 million years, was the first cell. By the time the 820 million cycle ended, consciousness evolved creating mammals (the development of the brain).

    41 million years ago consciousness developed a higher awareness of itself called: Stimulus Individual Response.

    This time, consciousness became aware of itself as even more. It became aware of itself as an individual. Through this process, it also realized others and the individuality of those others.
    Nest, hives, herds started forming families. The difference between a family and a herd is the recognition of individuals.

    At the beginning of 41 million years, families begin to form. By the time the 41 million cycle ended, consciousness developed better ways to inner communicate (the brain was enlarged).

    2 million years ago consciousness developed an even higher awareness of itself: Similarities and Differences.
    Another huge leap in consciousness formed. Rather than just reacting, consciousness developed the ability to notice the similarities and differences between things and making decisions about things. The mind is the tool that allows you to see the differences and similarities between things. Stimulus response means reacting to things. To see similarities and differences between things, allows the ability to make decisions about things, rather than just reacting.

    At the beginning of 2 millions years, the mind began to form. By the time the 2 million cycle ended, consciousness developed the ego. The ego is the part of you that notices these similarities and differences and uses that awareness to make the decision that you are separate from everything else (the ego is the not truth, but consciousness needed to see itself as ego in order to evolve to the next level).

    102 thousand years ago consciousness developed to an higher awareness of itself: Communication.
    Rather than inner communication with self. Outer communication with others took place. Noticing the similarities and difference between things allowed the development of language to form. Language created the ability to make decisions together (if consciousness never considered itself as separate/ego, then it never would have developed a means to communicate or make decisions together).

    At the beginning of 102 thousand years, speaking to one another shaped and caused the search for reasons/ purpose to things. By the time the 102 thousand year cycle ended, consciousness developed culture. Culture is a group of people who share reasons/ purpose.

    Nurturing and Support/ Productive Creation
    Before we continue with this article, notice that everything which was mentioned above, was designed by consciousness for progress. Through this process, it put in place a support system that nurtured creation (the same way you nurture and support a child, to the point of progressing in their own terms). Without the nurturing and support of creation, it could not productively progress.

    Everything below this point, was designed by consciousness to speed up the evolution of creation in more productive ways.

    3115 BC consciousness developed a higher awareness of itself called: Law.
    Rather than just having reasons to things, law is about enforcing reasons/ purpose. As an individual, you are personally responsible for being aware of all 16+ million laws on file and ignorance is no defense. Can you see how the consciousness of law surpassed reason? You may not agree with every law, but again it is needed to help conscious reach the next level of consciousness evolution.

    At the beginning of the 3115 BC cycle, learning to write language began to shape. By the time the 3115 BC cycle ended laws were enforced.

    1755 AD consciousness developed a higher awareness of itself called: Power.
    Have you ever noticed that every law is meant to be followed by everybody, yet the very few people with the most power seem to be above the law? Consciousness is behind this too. Without enforced laws, nobody can have any power. Without purposefully putting power in the hands of very few, consciousness could not evolve into the next higher level. Everyone does things on behalf of consciousness without even realizing it. Throughout history, there have been some terrible (to say the least) things that people have done to each other and all of it was for conscious evolution. Plus it happened in the exact perfect time consciousness had planned (I will explain more about this later in this article, which will help you be aware of where consciousness is taking us).

    At the beginning of the 1755 AD cycle, the industrial revolution began to shape. By the time the 1755 AD cycle ended power was put into the hands of very few.

    In January 1999 consciousness developed a higher awareness of itself called: Ethics.
    This is the conscious level of progress we are all in right now. Not only coming together collectively, but also bringing everything together individually (in our personal life's: business/ work, relationships, religions, etc..) we are becoming more aware that ethics is needed. Having ethics, is about following your heart and realizing that we must come together as humanity. The more ethics you have, the more you will follow what your heart says to do. The less ethics you have (or choose not to listen), the more you will follow the systems that power have set into place. All the chaos you see in the world today is the consciousness of ethics fighting to overcome the consciousness of power.

    At the beginning of the 1999 cycle, the noticing that ethics is needed began to take place. By the time the 1999 cycle ends (on February 2011) , ethics will overcome power.

    In February 2011 consciousness will develop a higher awareness of itself called: Co-Creation (which Ethics has set the course in motion, you can start seeing this happen already among people who share this type of information).

    At the beginning of the 2011 cycle, a collective consciousness of choices will begin to take place. By the time the 2011 cycle ends, we will be co-creating on a universal level. In other words, we will make choices that benefit humanity as a whole (just like the cells your body do whatever it takes for the health and wellbeing of the body as whole). Basically as a collective consciousness right now, people make choices based on self and family concern only. When this cycle begins, we will all start to see the whole human race as family and make choices that profit/ benefit humanity (nothing will be hidden for each other).

    There is actually one more cycle to this, that will begin on December 2012, but I will explain this last cycle later in the article.

    I know it sounds impossible to reach such a level of consciousness in such a little amount of time, so let me explain how this will happen. This is perhaps the most beneficial part of this article; to know how it will happen and has been happening from the beginning of time! This will map out for you exactly how it will happen because of how it has been happening. This than is the blueprint of the creation of conscious life:

    The Blueprint of Conscious Life

    Each cycle happens 20 times shorter than the last cycle before it. There is the same amount of change in the conscious evolution through each cycle, except it happens 20 times faster:
    In the cycle of 3115 BC - Law, creation was changing every 397 years.
    In the cycle of 1755 AD - Power, creation was changing every 19.7 years.
    The cycle of 1999 - Ethics (the cycle we are on now), creation is changing every 360 days.
    In the cycle of 2011 - Co-Creation (the cycle coming next), creation will be changing every 20 days.

    In other words, the amount of creation and change that is happening now: 360 days, will be happening every 20 days instead by 2011. Hence, if you take the numbers throughout each cycle, you will see that each cycle is 20 times faster than the one before it. Now this is where it gets even more interesting; right before the middle and also in the middle of each cycle, something significant always happens that pushes conscious forward into a faster direction (please keep in mind that there are many events within the middle of the cycles that caused leaps in conscious evolution, but this will give you an idea):

    ►Right before the middle of the 16.4 billion year cycle - Action/ reaction, the solar system was developed. In the middle of the 16.4 billion year cycle, all the leftover content from the solar system (meteors, etc..) slammed into the planets for 250 million years (the moon still has the scars).

    ►Right before the middle of the 820 million year cycle - Stimulus Response, life moved out of water onto land. In the middle of the 820 million year cycle, 97% of all life was destroyed through the Jurassic period.

    ►Right before the middle of the 41 million year cycle - Stimulus Individual Response, color vision was developed. In the middle of the 41 million year cycle, the pineal gland was developed. This glad is the source that causes imagination and has other significant variables (at the end of this article I will put a link that explains the other variables).

    ►Right before the middle of the 2 million year cycle - Similarities and Differences, fire was discovered. In the middle of the 2 million year cycle, the Ice Age took place (680,000 years ago).

    ►Right before the middle of the 102 thousand year cycle - Communication, the creation of art. In the middle of the 102 thousand year cycle, the neanderthal went extinct (art is imagination and they did not have any).

    ►Right before the middle of the 3115 BC cycle - Law, all over the planet the message of Jesus was delivered. In the middle of the 3115 BC cycle, Rome fell because consciousness changed (415 years after the Jesus message).

    ►Right before the middle of the 1755 AD cycle - Power, Nikola Tesla (1897) developed free energy (Power stomped out his developments, Ethics will bring it back). Edwin Hubble discovered that the universe is infinite making everything possible (1929) and Albert Einstein gave us the conscious blueprint of how reality works through the E=MC2 (1932). In the middle of the 1755 AD cycle,

    ►Right before the middle of the 1999 cycle - Ethics, Marin Soljačić used Nikola Tasla's information to develop a wireless non-radiative energy transfer (free-energy brought back and exposed to public). In the middle of the 1999 cycle, more public information about an unstable government/systems was released wide-spread (an example of this was Y2K, this allowed people to realize that the systems we have in place of power might not be as stable as we once thought).

    The Consciousness Behind the Evolution
    As you can see consciousness always gives itself what it needs to advance into the next evolution. For example, right before the middle of the 102 thousand cycle, good thing we had fire in order to overcome the Ice Age. Consciousness is always provided exactly what it needs to go to the next step. This is an unfailing system with a purpose.

    Time and Changes
    By February 2011 (Co-Creation cycle) the same amount of creation that happens now (360 days), will be happening in every 20 days. We have two years (two cycles of changes) before February of 2011. Once we hit February 2011, then we have about 660 days (22 months of 30 days; 22 times 30) until December 2012. This means we will have gone through 35 shifts of change before December 2012 (660 days divided by 20 days equals 33, plus two years of change before 2011 equals a total of 35 shifts of change).

    In other words, since change is happening every 360 days now and will be happening every 20 days by 2011, by the time of December 2012, the same amount of change that happened in about 35 years now (and I am not even calculating the 20 years of change that happened before now), will happen in just 660 days (just under two years). Therefore, December 2012 may only be 2 years and 22 months away (or almost 4 years), but in relation to how things have been changing (creation changing every year since 1999), we have 35 years until 2012! Can you see what this means? Can you see the possibility of the potential within that?

    Another thing to keep awareness of; with that amount of change happening, it forces the consciousness to expand it's perspectives/knowledge of things, in an extreme way. Having your perspectives/knowledge continuously expanding, changes your whole experience/outlook of life.

    In other words, you will know more about life in a extremely short amount of time. In short, what you think is impossible now, will become commonly experienced than.

    For example, you can talk to anyone in the world no matter where you are at... as long as you have this small device called a cell phone. That was impossible not so long ago, in fact even in 1999 that was not possible. Can you see at what I am hinting here?

    The Last Cycle
    In the last cycle, beginning on December 2012, consciousness will develop a higher awareness of itself called: Galactic Co-creation. The difference between Co-Creation and Galactic Co-Creation is consciousness will expand to realize itself as more. Creation will be happening every 24 hours and rapidly be happening every 72 minutes (instead of 360 days, where we are now). In this experience time as we know it will become nonexistent because our focus will become complete emerged into the creation of now.

    I am not going to explain in detail the last cycle, instead I am going to show you a pattern of what has happened and let you decide from this pattern what you feel will happen. The reasoning I choose to express it this way is because the whole Galactic Co-creation depends on the collective.

    The Pattern
    ►Action/Reaction- Awareness of One thing.

    ►Stimulus Response - Cell: One cell - First cell is formed, eventually evolving to multiply itself to form many cells in One body.

    ►Stimulus Individual Response - Family: the One body notices other bodies (causing the one body to notice itself as an individual body through this noticing).

    ►Similarities & Differences - The individual body notices the similarities/differences it has with other bodies.

    ►Communication - Reasons: The individual body notices how to relate the differences to other bodies (causing the individual body to notice itself as individual-bodies through this relation).

    ►Law - Enforce Reasons: The individual-bodies are tied together through those reasons despite differences.

    ►Power - Above Reasons: The individual-bodies notice the difference in the authority of reasons.

    ►Ethics - The individual-bodies notice that they must act as One Body to serve the whole (the beginning of the transformation to co-creation).

    ►Co-Creation - A series of events that show an impression of how individual-bodies can act as One Body.

    This is done through a series of events.

    ►Galactic Co-Creation - Based on this pattern, in order to keep evolving past the point of Co-Creation: the Whole of humanity must unite and act as One Whole Body.

    More information here: Fractal Evolution: Alan Steinfeld interviews Bruce Lipton

    You can interpret that however you like, but the intent of the Galactic Co-Creation will be based on your conscious input to it.

    The Experience of Conscious Evolution/Creation
    You may have experienced time speed up, yet time is not speeding up; creation is happening faster. Creation is causing more and more to happen is less and less time. More is happening is every moment and because of this, more is possible in every moment. When more is possible, it creates the experience of more potential. That potential is working itself to become infinite. With infinite potential anything is possible.

    Final Words
    If you would like to take action in helping consciousness evolve to a system in which supports Galactic Co-Creation, please spread similar ideas to this: Uniting Humans.

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