What's Sleep Deprivation?

Sleep deprivation is a general lack of the necessary amount of sleep. Right? Is that what you have been told?

What are some signs/symptoms of sleep deprivation? I bet you can name quite a few. In fact, I am willing to bet that you can name the ‘major ones’ without much thought. A instant rambling and what you have been taught… severe yawning, fatigue, lack of concentration, loss of short term memory, physically weak, irritability, confusion, poor impulse control, paranoia, aggressive behavior, and/or hallucinations.

Can we agree on those symptoms? Alternatively, can we agree on the major symptoms of physically weak, paranoia, hallucinations, and lack of concentration? Good, than we were both taught well.

How do we know that these are symptoms of sleep deprivation? Generally speaking these symptoms of sleep deprivation were discovered by analyzing people who have gone without sleep for 24-48 hours. They are typical results based on your average person, correct?

There is nothing out of the ordinary about these questions. You ask typical questions, you get typical results. The typical person will ask only the typical questions. Generally speaking, it would seem we all know the same answers.

However, those questions are what I call ‘surface questions’. Everyone has the same answers because those questions (and the answers to those questions), are right there at the surface of human teachings and general common knowledge. Do you realize that it does not take much questioning to reach past that surface crust?

Yet, you will not find very many people who will question things that far. Why? Because generally speaking everyone intuitively knows what happens when you keep asking questions past the surface of common knowledge.

What happens? You reach a place of the Unknown! I first noticed this, when I was in school. I would ask questions that broke past the ‘surface questions’. Every teacher would react out of fear and never adventure there with me. Later I discovered the reason is because once you find out that your teacher does not have all the answers, then you will begin to wonder if the answers they do have are answers at all.

It does not matter what you are questioning, if you keep questioning it, the same pattern will unfold and that is a scary place to be.

What is the pattern? Why is it so scary? The pattern is that you will always discover that common knowledge is not what it seems to be. The questions will lead you in full circle of questioning the common knowledge itself. In other words, the answers that you rambled off to the typical ‘surface questions’, will start becoming apparent. You will no longer be so confident in what you thought you knew. That is a scary place to be, because you start questioning everything you been taught your whole life. You come to a realization that you really know nothing and neither does anyone else. We are all the blind leading the blind.

How Courageous Are You?
Are you willing to discover for yourself what I am talking about? Are you willing to adventure there with me by asking questions about sleep deprivation?

I have been asking questions that go past the ‘surface questions’ all my life and the pattern described above is always the same, but there is something I call the ‘core answer’ that is always the same at the end of all questionings.

In other words, yes you will discover a pattern that you know nothing, but there is also a pattern at the very bottom of all questionings that offers a patterned solution. Which I will reveal at the end of this article, but first let us discover that we know nothing about sleep deprivation, in order to find the ‘core answer’.

Why do we need sleep? There are many reasons people say we need sleep. Here are the major ones: sleep allows your body to feel rested, it gives your brain a chance to sort things out and recover from illness/injury. However through a little research you will find that the common element that causes all the things above to happen, is a stage of sleep called R.E.M. (rapid eye movement). This is the most critical stage of sleep because it's what allows the things listed above (feeling rested, subconscious learning/reorganizing, and recovering from illness/injury) to take place.

We need sleep because that is how we reach the critical stage of R.E.M. in which causes us to feel rested. If you go an extended time without reaching the R.E.M. stage of sleep, they say you will receive symptoms of sleep deprivation.

What about sleep activates the R.E.M. stage? In other words, why can you not move your eyes rapidly while you’re awake and feel rested? Sleep activates the subconscious (hence part of the reason sleep is needed is so the subconscious can reorganize). Your consciousness can not manually produce the results that the subconscious automatically naturally does.

Why can the subconscious not cause the body to reach the R.E.M. stage while awake? Because the subconscious can not do what it does, while the conscious mind is alert.

Why can the subconsciousness not be activated while the conscious mind is alert? Why can you not access the subconsciousness while awake? There are many ways to activate the subconscious while awake: meditation, daydreaming, even having an answer ‘out of the blue‘ is the result of the subconscious. Through hypnosis the subconscious becomes active and hypnosis is not considered a form of sleep, it is considered a form of daydreaming.

Okay, now we are breaking past the ‘core questions’!
The only reason I first began questioning sleep deprivation was because of my experience with it (listening to your experience is more important than listening to the common knowledge you were taught).

Polyphasic sleep is a sleeping pattern that trains the body to start the R.E.M. stage as soon as the consciousness is not alert and produce the R.E.M. cycle continuously through a nap (on monophasic sleep which is an eight hour night, the R.E.M. stage is not hit till 1.5 hours into sleep and it only produces the R.E.M. stage of sleep briefly).

The way to program the body to do this, is by taking a 15-30 minute nap every 4 hours around the clock. Which averages to 1.5-3 hours of sleep every 24 hour period. The reason this works is because you force your body to stay awake until your scheduled nap come around. It teaches the body to adopt and evolve to the new sleeping arrangement. The body is set up biochemically to avoid pain, therefore the body will do whatever it can to avoid pain, in this case, the pain of not receiving the R.E.M. stage.

As a result the body starts to recognizes the sleeping pattern (one 30 minutes nap every 4 hours) and since the patterned naps are not long enough to produce a full sleeping cycle, it automatically jumps to the R.E.M. stage of sleep. It usually takes one week on average to fully adapt to.

You know 'that feeling' you get when you stay up past 24 hours? People relate ‘that feeling’ to being sleep deprived, however after adopting polyphasic sleep, I was still feeling that. In fact I was on polyphasic sleep for 273 days and ‘that feeling’ never went away.

Polyphasic sleep allows you to feel ‘that feeling’ but without the tired, drowsy, deprived feelings along with it. Therefore it is easier to analyze, instead of brushing it off to being sleep deprived.

Consequentially I realize that 'that feeling' has noting to do with needing sleep. I felt this the first time adopting polyphasic too, but I didn't know how to describe it so I left it be. This time around, I knew it would come, so I was expecting it and observed it closely and this is what I discovered:

Once you hit a point (usual 24 hours) without sleeping, something (and it has nothing to do with being deprived) puts your input & output sensors into hyper overdrive. 'That feeling' you feel is something mapping out different perceptions/sensors (input & output) of reality and how it is experienced. What makes reality feel different (when staying up past that point), is that the frequency of your perception/sensors are on a higher level of operation (this feeling never goes away as long as you are on polyphasic sleep but you do get used to it).

When you look into the history of polyphasic sleep, you will find a list of famous inventors/creators that were said to be known polynappers, including: Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Henry Ford, Albert Einstein and a fluctuate list of other legends. In fact polyphasic sleep is also known as Da Vinci sleep, named after Leonardo Da Vinci.
After being on the polyphasic sleeping pattern once before, for 273 days, it does not surprise me at all, the link between polyphasic sleeping and famous creators.

We were all born with polyphasic sleeping patterns. We all slept and awoke during the day and night. It's quite a natural way to sleep. It makes you wonder who came up with the idea of monophasic sleep and why it is mainstream, doesn't it?

Back to the Questions
Can you access the subconscious through daydreaming, as long as the conscious mind is not in control? You might say, there is no way to be alert and not allow conscious control during daydreams. If daydreaming does tap into the subconscious as hypnosis would suggest, why do we not access the subconscious during our daily daydreams? Because daydreams is an alert conscious activity. If that was the case, then you would feel rested during daydreams and that is not a common experience. Therefore that means you are not accessing the subconscious (let alone the R.E.M. stage) through daydreaming.

How do you know when you access the subconscious? You access the subconscious through dreaming. Is not dreaming while you're awake is called daydreaming? They say dreaming helps you to solve problems by connecting with your subconscious. Wouldn't daydreaming be the same-thing, as long as the daydream is not controlled by the consciousness?

It seems to be that the subconscious is more powerful in understanding life, yet the consciousness has more power when it comes to control. When you sleep, the consciousness has no control (unless lucid dreaming). Hence why we need sleep, to bring the subconscious to the surface without the consciousness interfering.

Therefore, I would assume that if you consciously allow the subconscious control, then the subconscious can do what it does without sleeping. This makes me wonder if polyphasic sleep works not because the R.E.M.s are reprogrammed but because during the adoption period, the consciousness stops thinking completely (if you let it). If I just sit here quietly, there will be no thoughts coming in or going out (it has been this way ever since the first time I was on polyphasic sleep, even after the 273 days when I went back to monophasic sleep). Like mediation, which also accesses the subconscious.

If the body can adopt to polyphasic sleep by recognizing new sleeping patterns and does this biochemically to avoid pain, then why can it not find a way to access the subconscious while awake (or daydreaming), if you force it to by not sleeping? It has been studied and documented that this does not take shape even with people who hold records for not sleeping. They have symptoms of sleep deprivation the whole time.

Than how is it possible that polyphasic napping works by the body biochemically finding a way to avoid pain, but the body will not find a way to avoid pain by not sleeping at all? Because not sleeping at all, keeps the conscious mind alert and the subconscious can’t bypass that. When the consciousness is in control, the subconscious has no choice. Unlike with polyphasic sleep, it has a choice to do something while you are napping.

Why does the conscious have so much control? If your body is dieing because it is not sleeping, wouldn’t you think the body, the subconscious, or the mind would find a way to get what it needs? What makes the conscious so powerful that the body, mind, and subconscious will do nothing even as it dies? Why does the body, mind, subconscious allow the conscious that much control? Is not our primal instinct to survive? You would think it would find a way to bypass the conscious mind then, why does it not?

The Core Answer
Here is where the silence comes in, when you find a question that nobody can answer but it makes logical sense, then you know you are close to the ‘core answer‘. The ‘core answer’ is always the same, no matter what you are questioning, if you question it to this point, the answer is obvious. However, it is not easy to see at first. You have to ask many questions, down to this point, about many different subjects, in order to see clearly what I am about to explain.

If the major of people on this planet agree to an idea, then you will see that major create that idea over and over. For example, what is the first thing you notice once you stayed up for over 24 hours? You notice how things don’t look, feel, or sound ‘normal’, correct? The next thing you notice out of logic is to question why things are this way. Of course that part is too common, therefore you may not even notice that you are asking why, it will be an automatic thought right after you notice things don’t seem ’normal’. Then you start playing out the things that you rambled off in the beginning of this article. “I must be tired” and what do you feel right after you say that? Of course, tired.

We create our reality through subjective understanding and the limits of perspectives, expectations, and beliefs. Hence the phenomenon of doctors and nurses creating the symptoms of things they are studying.

Everything you experience in life is made up of your filters: your perspective on life, your beliefs about life, and your expectations to life. In other words, you will always have experiences that match your filters. In this way you always have complete control in what you will experience.

No doctor or nurse is going to tell you that polyphasic sleep is healthy because they are programmed to perceive, expect, and belief in the body producing certain symptoms while going through 'sleep deprivation' (as they call it). The only reason people have those symptoms to not sleeping is because they believe that they should, based on conditioning, programming, and repeated systems of common knowledge.

When you think you are observing something as fact, what is actually happening, is that you are creating it as fact based on your filters. The filters are also the reason why everything in reality seems so stable, consistence, and persistent because of how reality is being processed through the filters of consciousness.

The reason the subconsciousness/body/mind gives so much control to the consciousness is because they all receive their instructions from the filters of the consciousness. The reason you have sleep deprived symptoms is because your filters tell the subconscious to create and lead you to those symptoms. The subconscious is a powerful thing, it will do anything it is instructed to do, hypnosis is one example of this phenomenon.

Have you not heard that the mind is a powerful thing? Well now you know why.

However you can bypass your filters and experience what you actually desire, even if you don't believe it is possible, by creating an opportunity for it. What do I mean by that? I mean that things will start going your way (even if it does not seem possible) by thinking, talking, or writing about what you desire (the reason things feel impossible, is because you have not created it yet). This starts the beginning of giving the subconscious new instructions.

For example, the reason nobody else has ever came across a sleeping pattern where you only nap 30 minutes every 12 hours (or even 30 minutes every 24 hours) and feeling rested, was because nobody else has ever questioned the possibility of it to the extent that I have. I created that possibility by writing about my questions of it until I found a solution.

Questioning it brought forth the experience of it. As if I didn't need a solution to finding a way to reach the R.E.M. stage of sleep while awake. Because the subconscious does not run on solutions, it's ran on infinite potential of infinite possibilities. It's as if the subconscious said "Oh, what you are saying is that you want to feel rested without sleep, okay here you go." Nothing exists 'in and of' itself, it is all ran on how you think, believe, expect, and perceive it should be ran. Consequently since you allow yourself to speak your desires (even if they are impossible to you at that time), you are given the desires you want.

I know a lot of this is repeat from previous articles, but I felt the need to bring everything together in one article, that way when I am describing the different methods of adopting Powiull sleep, I have a reference point.
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