• Powiull Sleep Day 7 (Difference Between Sleep & Daydreams)

    What's Powiull Sleep?

    I am describing 'daydreams' as, being aware while going threw the stages of sleep. When you go to bed at night, you lay down, get comfortable, go to sleep, and wake-up. There is no awareness of what exactly happen, you just knew you fell asleep. Sometimes if you are not too tired, you can be aware of the point between losing consciousness and light sleep taking over (fading in and out). Of course sometimes you remember a dream which lets you know you were sleeping.

    However, with these daydreams, I am completely aware of the whole process of sleep, even sleep itself (although my awareness is locked during the deepest stage of sleep). I described the process in the last article, but I will describe it in much more detail (hopefully this clear up the confusion people have been expressing to me through emails).

    Stage One
    My body gets relaxed. I can be in almost any position and still be comfortable. This is comparable to being over-tired, the difference is that I do not feel tired. While on polyphasic sleep, there was a point after the adoption period, where I stopped feeling tired, drowsy, hazy, and sleepy. Instead of feeling those symptoms when a nap time was coming close, my body would give me slight signals. First my eyes would start feeling a little heavy, not like a tired feeling, but a slight pitch on the eyes. The second sign my body would relax, much like what I am going through now with Powiull sleep (these daydreams). After a while if I continued to ignore those signs, my body would literally fall asleep, it would become dead-weight. Shortly after that, my consciousness would follow.

    My point is that, the feeling of tiredness (which I consider quite annoying) does not happen anymore. Instead, when my body desires a daydream, my body gets relaxed and that is my signal. I am relaxed before this happens, but this relaxing feels quite different. The biggest difference, is that I don't feel like moving. The feeling is not a lack of energy, just a lack of motivation or desire to move (not like dead-weight, I still can move but have no desire to).

    In fact if I would have remembered this, then I would have known exactly why I was not tired until 66 hours, it's because after adopting polyphasic sleep you stop feeling tired, you have to listen to body signs to know when to rest. However, what was surprising is that I was not experiencing any aftereffects for not taking any naps (which was because I was not on polyphasic sleep long enough to be dependent on the naps, yet was on it long enough to adapt to it). The difference between polyphasic sleep and Powiull sleep, is that when I skipped a nap while on polyphasic sleep, I payed for it later in a big way. Sometimes it would feel like I was starting the adoption period all over again, my body was dependent upon the naps. With Powiull sleep, if I choose to ignore a daydream, I can last hours and hours. The only aftereffect I have noticed is that dream content will be somewhat visible in stage two (which does not usual happen until stage three). Better than the aftereffect of feeling sleep deprived (like on polyphasic sleep). The last time I felt any signs that relate to being sleep deprived was the beginning of Powiull sleep day 3, when I got tired for the first time after 66 hours of being awake (eyes wanting to close, consciousness drifting a bit, eyes are switching slightly, I am having problems concentrating, and staying focused). Yet, I didn't consider those big telling signs of sleep deprivation.

    Stage Two
    My alertness, observation, concentration and focus levels start to decline slightly. At this stage I can literally observe the first stage of sleep stepping in. A very light stage of incoherent thoughts (subconscious thoughts) start passing through the thinking process. The incoherent thoughts, along with my inability to focus on them; collide. This colliding begins the process to mental fogginess. This stage quickly progress from very light incoherent thoughts into light incoherent thoughts . During the light process, the eye lids are beginning to close. Sometimes at this point I experience a falling sensation which causes my muscles to twitch very rapid and suddenly (sometimes it is enough to stop the daydreaming process). At the beginning of this stage (very light), if I get up, start moving around, concentrating, and thinking, it will wear off.

    Stage Three
    At this stage my eyes will be completely shut and ready to stay shut, however sometimes they will slowly open for brief moments (one second or two), shut again, and sometimes repeated another time. The incoherent thoughts (subconscious thoughts) are much more active, it is difficult to make out any coherent thoughts (mind thoughts) at all. These incoherent thoughts are part of a process to stop mental activity or discontinue coherent thoughts. The mind is easily confused by these incoherent thoughts and is persuaded to play the 'incoherent game'. This game is designed to keep the mind non-alert of what is actually happening. The mind fears not being in control (or letting the subconscious take over) and would never give up the decision making process at will. Therefore, it has to be tricked into thinking it is still in control. If the mind figures out the game, then you become alert again. Which I am sure you experienced many times through your life.

    However you are not your mind. Your mind is about being alert, if you are not alert, then your mind is not around (or awake). Consciousness (which is who you really are) is about being aware. The reason I can watch this sleeping process unfold (as I call daydreaming) and still be aware, is because awareness is what observes everything. You can be aware but not alert at the same time, which is a form of meditation.

    As I explained in the last article, when the eyes open for brief moments (one second or two) during this stage, I can see reality and the beginning of dreams overlap. The unclear dream content bleeds-through into reality. At this stage most people would not begin dreaming, however going through polyphasic sleep, my body was forced to produce the R.E.M. stage (where dreams are experienced) as soon as I started falling asleep. Therefore, this is a aftereffect of that. Which I am sure experiencing dream content in stage two (when I don't give in to daydreams), is the same aftereffect.

    Stage Four
    This is the last stage, this stage is where the R.E.M. phase is reached and dreams are experienced. During this time, all my senses are cut completely off. I can not concentrate my awareness on anything, it seems to be locked into place, the place of just being. I am hoping I can figure out a way to change this 'locked awareness' and actually observe my dreams as they happen. I am aware that awareness is there, yet that is the only amount of awareness I have at this stage.

    I hope that answers everyone's questions about Powiull sleep, the daydreams, dreams, and sleep. If not, leave a comment because if you have a question, it is very likely that others have the same question.

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