• Powiull Sleep Day 4 (Vivid Daydreams)

    What's Powiull Sleep?

    My whole intent for starting Polyphasic Sleep this second time, was because the benefits I received from it the first time. The first time, my intent was to change my perspective on life and hopefully grow my awareness (which I knew from experience and research that changing sleeping patterns would do that).

    I documented my progress in hopes to provide value for others who want to attempt it. There is an abundance of information on the internet about polyphasic sleep and independent testers, but nobody has documented a detailed outline of everything experienced and a continued report of all conditions throughout each day.

    Rather than researchers trying to track down scattered information about polyphasic sleep, I wanted to bring all that information to one source (hence Conscious Flex). However there is one other independent tester of polyphasic sleep, that documented a detailed outline and I have to give Steve Pavlina credit because he is the only one throughout the entire internet that I am aware of (besides here) to document detailed reports.

    Needless to say polyphasic sleep has changed my life on every level. Who would have ever thought that by changing your sleeping pattern, you automatically change (advance) every other level of your life. Consequentially, my hopes for documenting polyphasic sleep this second time is to provide more value and inspire others to experiment with it (hence change their life for the better). Who knows it could start a ripple reaction that changes the world, one polyphasic sleeper at time. Where 'Napping Stations' will be as common as Starbucks. :)

    However, I never expected polyphasic sleep to change on me and I am not sure if I am providing value anymore. Yes it is a new territory that you will not find this information anywhere else on the internet (for now), but is it practical to think that if my lead was followed, then people would experience similar things (feeling rested without sleep for 73 hours)?

    At first I thought that was practical based on previous experiences in my life where I tried to stay up for as many hours I possibly could. One time I manged 48 hours and another 56 hours. Both those experiences were much the same: feeling physically drained, emotional dull, mental hazy, red-bloodshot-heavy eyes, lack of concentration, dowsing off, difficult time remembering, continuously forgetting what I was doing, eye-hand coordination decreasing, dizziness, feelings of fainting, equilibrium unbalanced, and the list goes on.

    During the whole duration of staying up 73 hours straight, I didn't feel any of those things above. Yet, I did feel all the signs of being an aware individual who is getting plenty of sleep. As a result, I know that polyphasic sleep had something to do with it. Therefore, to me, I would say it is practical that anyone who follows my lead of Powiull sleep should experience similar results.

    However it might not be practical because Powiull sleep is very unpredictable and has yet to show consistent results. When I was up 73 hours, I did not feel tired, not even once. And if that is not enough to make you tired: before the 73 hour marathon, I took a 12 minute nap, and was on polyphasic sleep for 4 days.

    My Recent Experience
    Ever since my 5:00PM Nap (the first nap I had after the 73 hours) I am feeling tired off and on. I often feel the urge to sleep (at least once an hour), but wait it out until the urge is too much.

    This is the first nap I have taken since my 5:00PM Nap (the nap after 73 hours). I have been up for 22.5 hours straight. I probably could have taken many naps before this point, I was feeling tired, but nothing overwhelming. During this nap I set the alarm for 30 minutes, fell asleep fast, woke to the alarm, and remember having vivid dreams. Woke up feeling a little tired.

    Only been up roughly 9 hours, but felt the force to sleep. This nap was exactly the same as the previous one (I set the alarm for 30 minutes, fell asleep fast, woke to the alarm, and remember having vivid dreams. Woke up feeling a little tired.).

    As of now I am feeling aware. However, I do notice that if I let my concentration relax, there seems to be an automatic process that takes place; I quickly hit a stage where I feel like I am dreaming but I am still awake (vivid daydreams).

    For example, I will see something out of the corner of my eye, or hear a voice and as soon as this happens, I catch myself just before I was going to respond to it. I realize the only reason I wanted to respond was because on some level I was dreaming and thinking it was real. I always catch myself before I respond though and snap out of it. It is not difficult to keep my concentration going, but if I do choose to just relax, this experience will happen at least three out of ten times.

    I realize this is known to be a form of sleep deprivation, but I am not going to sleep until the urge is strong. It's not like I am pushing myself to stay awake by doing physical activities. Plus I am having vivid dreams when I do nap, which means I am hitting the R.E.M. stage of sleep (the most critical). Of course, why would I not have vivid dreams, even my daydreams are vivid. Maybe this is a stage where you can hit R.E.M. sleep while awake? Next time I notice this, I will let it happen and hangout in it for a while. I might feel like I have falling asleep (or maybe I will) but perhaps that is all I need to feel rested: a quick natural uncontrolled daydream (until it wears off). It seems natural to let it happen. Especially when you consider what I wrote about in polyphasic sleep day 3:

    Interesting Wonder...
    When I first heard about polyphasic sleep, I was wondering if it was even possible to only sleep a few hours a day. After already been through the experience and doing this again, I feel as if maybe the body does not even need sleep at all. They say R.E.M. is the most important stage of sleep and that is what makes polyphasic sleep workable.

    What if you could reach R.E.M. sleep while awake? Why does one have to be asleep to reach such a state? You might say because while sleeping one accesses the subconsciousness. However, why can one not access the subconsciousness while awake? What causes people to urge for sleep, when all you're after is the R.E.M. stage?

    Through hypnosis the subconscious becomes active and hypnosis is not considered a form of sleep, it is considered a form of daydreaming. Can you daydream yourself into R.E.M.? If the body can adopt to polyphasic sleep by recognizing new sleeping patterns and does this biochemically to avoid pain, then why can it not find a way to access the subconscious while awake (or daydreaming)? For that matter, if day dreaming does tap into the subconscious as hypnosis would suggest, why do we not access the subconscious during our daily daydreams? Maybe we do. How do you know when you access the subconscious? You access the subconscious through dreaming. And dreaming while you're awake is called daydreaming. They say dreaming helps you to solve problems by connecting with your subconscious. Wouldn't day dreaming by the samething, as long as the daydream is not controlled by the consciousness?

    It seems to be that the subconscious is more powerful in understanding life, yet the consciousness is more powerful in control. When you sleep, the consciousness has no control (unless lucid dreaming). Hence why we need sleep, to bring the subconscious to the surface without the consciousness interfering.

    Therefore, I would assume that if you consciously allow the subconscious control, then the subconscious can do what it does without sleeping. This makes me wonder if polyphasic sleep works not because the R.E.M.s are reprogrammed but because during the adoption period the consciousness stops thinking completely (if you let it). If I just sit here quietly, there will be no thoughts coming in or going out. Like mediation, which also assesses the subconscious. I am only tired when I stop and think about it. I only feel sleep deprived when I think about how little sleep I have been getting. I am only tired when I stop and think logically about how I should be feeling in this situation. Maybe sleep deprivation, is only a conditioned thought that is programed within us to think we need sleep?
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