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  • Powiull Sleep Day 3 (How to Adopt Powiull Sleep)

    What's Powiull Sleep?


    I am feeling a little tired! Wow, I was wondering when or if this point was going to happen. It's not the feeling of being overwhelming tired. Just little things adding up that point to it. Over the last 3 hours since my last post, I have felt these signs: eyes wanting to close, consciousness drifting a bit when eyes close, when eyes are open I can tell they are switching slightly, and I am having problems concentrating and staying focused. I am not going to take a nap just yet, I want to see if this is a phase or if the signs will increase.


     The signs of tiredness have not increase and the signs I was feeling before have passed. I am quite interested to see what happens next.

    The same signs have returned slowly, but also increased. I feel I could use a nap now, but I am not going to just yet. I want to see if it ever reaches the point where I can not resist the urge or settles back down.

    I can not longer resist the urge, I am going to take a 30 minute nap at 5:00PM (setting the alarm), I wonder if I will sleep right through the alarm, it has been ages since I slept last and if sleep-debt is fact, I can see that happening. Of course they say sleep-dept happens only when you push yourself to stay awake into the sleep deprivation stage, I have not been doing that. I didn't have to push myself to stay awake, I did on polyphasic sleep though, before I reached the Powiull sleep point.

    5:00PM Nap
    I fell right to sleep, I woke up to the alarm. As soon as I woke up, I instantly thought I set the alarm wrong and overslept, because it feels like (time-wise) I have been laying in bed for hours, if not days! I feel completely rested and wide-awake with tons of mental energy! I feel as if I could stay up for another 73 hours, no problem!

    What Happens Now?

    From this point on, I am only going to take naps when I can't resist the urge because I was quite surprised how quickly the feeling of tiredness passed and how long it took to come back.

    Yes I did finally end up taking a nap, but the possibilities of where this is going, are still endless. In fact, there is a man who had not slept for over 30 years! Not even a quick nap and he has been in excellent health the whole time (caused by a fever, not conscious intent)!

    Although I didn't find a hack to completely rid of sleep. It seems at this point, I have found a hack where you can feel rested for 73 hours (66 hours if you count the fist time I felt tiredness). Which blows polyphasic sleep right out of the water! Yes, polyphasic sleep allows you to only sleep 1.5 - 3 hours and bypass 5 - 6.5 hours of sleep. However there are some side-effects: you have to take six naps around the clock, you have to set your alarm every 4 hours, you have to wake up to an alarm often, you only have a span time of 4 hours (making it very inconvenient to what you can do), your whole life relays on naps around the clock, you have a huge disadvantage to the rest of the world since the world operates on monophasic sleeping patterns. With Powiull sleep, you can avoid all these disadvantages and still get rewarded with less sleep. In fact, with Powiull sleep, you can bypass sleep completely for 3 days and only need a 30 minute nap every 3 days (in theory, time will tell).

    How Can You Adopt Powiull Sleep?
    Depending on where it goes from here will decide if I am right about this, but I think I see a pattern as to why and how this happen. If I am correct about this pattern then you could adopt Powiull Sleep too. I have been on the polyphasic sleeping pattern twice now (first time lasted 273 days), therefore that gives me a pretty good perspective on why this new Powiull sleep took place.

    Follow these steps:

    1. You have to start out as a polyphasic sleeper (click the link to found out how).

    2. Sleep on a polyphasic sleeping pattern until you reach a point where you have a restful nap (or can remember a dream). From this point forward pay close attention to the next naps after your restful one. If you continue to only feel rested (or remember dream) then continue the polyphasic sleep pattern. However once your waking up before the alarm, AND when taking naps it feels as if you been laying there for hours (or at least much longer than 30 minutes). These two things are the key ingredients to know when to move onto step three. Step three is the transition into Powiull sleep.

    3. Stay up as long as you can, if you do start feeling a powerful urge to sleep before 66 hours, push your way through it (you are now in the process of adopting a new pattern, so try to stick with it). I didn't get tired at all through this step (and you may not either), however there is a strong indication that it's because I tried polyphasic sleep before. Feeling tired while on polyphasic sleep is much different than what monophasic sleep feels like. In fact, while on polyphasic sleep, you may think that you are tired when you are not, because polyphasic sleep puts you into a different state of awareness. Since this awareness is quite different than what you are used to, you may think you are tired when you are not.

    Why Those Steps?
    The key ingredients that makes polyphasic sleep possible, is that the body is forced to readjust the way it accesses the R.E.M. stage of sleep (the stage that allows you to feel rested). The pattern you follow while on polyphasic sleep is designed to force the body to receive the R.E.M. stage of sleep as soon as you fall asleep and deliver the R.E.M. stage the whole time you are asleep (on monophasic sleep, it takes 1.5 - 2 hours to reach the R.E.M. stage of sleep and it does not last).

    You will know when your body has adjusted to the polyphasic sleep, when you reach a restful nap (or can remember a dream). When adopting polyphasic sleep the first time, I could not wait until my naps were feeling restful, which was my goal. Once I reached that point, I was happy with the progress. However what I found interesting was that after reaching that restful feeling, the naps would progress into feeling more than rested and even waking up before the alarm. How weird is that? Wouldn't it be enough for the body to feel rested after every nap? Why is the body insisting on progressing even further? Maybe the body is trying to communicate that the naps are no longer needed, it has done it's job at readjusting the R.E.M. stage of sleep. The first time around I didn't think that this could mean the body is telling me something. I just figured, it was part of the process.

    While on polyphasic sleep the first time I had difficulty going longer than 7 hours in between naps (I have read countless cases of such reports as well), how curious that this didn't happen this time around. The reason being is because the last nap I had, was the first time I experienced the two key ingredients together (1. waking up before the alarm AND 2. feeling like the nap took hours). After having both these experiences simultaneously within the same nap, is the key factor because at this point your body has completely adjusted to the polyphasic sleep pattern. If you continue to sleep the polyphasic pattern after this point, your body starts becoming dependent upon the naps. First you force your body to the pattern and if you keep going after your body adjusts to the pattern, then your body forces you to relay on it. It does this biochemically to avoid any pain.

    However if you listen to your body, then it will be happy to assist you. In fact you reaching the two key ingredients, is your body telling you: "Programing was successful. Would you like to take this to the next step?"... Consequently I am keen to believe that if you listen to your body continuously, it would take you to new depths that are not even imaginable yet.
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