• Polyphasic Sleep Day 5 Ended (The Question that Allows Impossibility to Become Possible) Powiull Sleep Started Day 1

    I am no longer on a Polyphasic Sleep schedule because I have not been taking naps. I been listening to the body the whole time and if I got tired then I would have taken a nap, but I never got tired.

    The New Transition

     Therefore, I can no longer call this a polyphasic sleep pattern because it has taken on a new path. I am going to continue with this but call it Powiull's sleep. Simply because I am not aware of anyone else who has transitioned into this kind of sleep. I am excited to see what level this Powiull sleep experiment will reach.

    My goal is to see how long I can stay up before getting tired, feeling drowsy, hazy, etc.. If I do eventually get tired I will take a nap, but this has opened up a new way of looking at sleep.

    Here is a list of FAQ which explains the positive effects polyphasic sleep has had on me and it will give you a good idea as to why I started it again recently.

    I am still going to stick to the initial system that I prepared (if it comes down to this): only sleeping when I am tired (if I ever do get tired again), setting the alarm for 30 minutes, getting up when I wake up before the alarm (if it was not an outside distraction that woke me), not taking anymore than 6 naps per 24 hour period.

    As of now I have not taken a nap for 39 hours. Previously before that, I only took a 12 minute nap (10 minutes to fall asleep and waking 8 minutes before alarm) and before that nap I was up 7 hours. If you do not consider a 12 minute nap enough to feel refreshed, then you could say that I have been up 46 hours. And on top of that, I feel completely aware, awake, mentally clear, physically content, and fully rested. In fact, I would say the quality is now 10 of 10.

    At first I did not see the answer as to why this was happening or how it could be possible (even though the saying "Nothing is Impossible" resonates with my personal truth). I could not see the answer because I was too close to it.

    In the last article, I expressed my 'fear in the impossibility' of not being tired for a very long period of time. Thanks to fear, I was calling it impossible, even though I was experiencing it (and still am).

    I am not the type of person who gives into fear too easily. I would rather (and more naturally) choose love or any aspect of it. Therefore I learned (remembered) quite a bit from this experience.

    What I Learned...
    Fear first started sneaking in because I was comparing my past experience of polyphasic sleep (and the experience of others) to what I am experiencing now. Through my past experience of polyphasic sleep, I decided and created in my mind what is possible and what is not possible, when it comes to polyphasic sleep. In other words, I made my own perspectives, expectations, and beliefs about it. If you have read the article about your filters, then you realize that by creating these restrictions, I limited my experience of infinite potential and the possibilities of what can happen. This got me thinking, if I was limiting my experience by already having a predetermine idea about polyphasic sleep, then how did I mange to go from being sleep deprived (while trying to adopt polyphasic sleep) to staying up for 46 hours with only a 12 minute nap in between, and feeling 10 of 10 mentally, emotionally, physically?

    The Question that Allows Impossibility to Become Possible

    By asking that question, I was lead to the answer. This answer can apply to any aspect of your life. In other words, the information in the answer that I am about to tell you, you can use to experience something you consider impossible!

    Before we get to the answer though, I want you to understand how I reached that answer. I am going to tell you about a series of personal experiences that relate to the answer, in this way you will have a better understanding of the answer and how to make it work in your own personal life.

    If you actively follow of this blog (a site that is continuously being updated), you know that I recently became a fulltime blogger and I wrote an article about how I did it. However, let's take a look in the archives (a list of all the articles ever written, with the most recent ones first), where I will explain the events that transpired before becoming a fulltime blogger. The answer of how to experience your desires (even if they seem impossible at that time) is laid out through the archives timeline (to make better since of this, I am going to reverse the archives order, so you can see how one event complimented the next one). In other words, my experiences (which inspired articles) always lead me to what I wrote about (I wrote about it first, then I experience it). By reading the next part laid out in what I call "The Timeline", you will begin to see a pattern of what I mean.

    The Timeline
    These than are the links in reverse order from the archives (the order in which they were written, rather than the most recent first):
    How to Attract Money into Your Life & Get into the Mind-Set of Abundance (My Personal Experience)
    The System Behind Money is Giving Value. The Most Quickest, Productive, and Effortless Way of Giving Value is Through Passion in Action
    The Conventional Way of Earning Money Leads to Limited Income (Trading Time for Money) Vs The Unconventional Way of Receiving Abundance in Passion
    The Processes That Cause Passion to Happen, How to Create Any Desire into Passion, and How to Automatically Produce a Desired Result
    All these articles are about how following your passion will lead to abundance. The conclusion I had with all these articles was that when you follow you passion, the universe will support you and the first way the universe does that is by giving you the opportunity of abundance of time (which is the place I am at right now), which will give you all the time you need to provide enough value to receive enough value back (which is the system behind money: value. And I am starting to see the results of this too). First the abundance of time, followed by the abundance of money.

    The Life Changing Power of Positive Thinking and the Tremendous Impact it Has On Others
    This is the last article I wrote before surprisingly going to jail (which really helped me get through the jail experience and played a big part as to why on a universal level I was in jail). This articles intent was to remind me that negative people do not have an influence on my thinking, but positive thinking does have an impact on negative people (their were some negative people in my life that I felt was holding me back from abundance, which obviously was not truth but the universe saw my desire). Now I understand that positive thinking has an impact on negative people in your life, in one of two ways: they start positive thinking OR the positive thinking rids them of your life completely (which my experience of going to jail, rid them of my life). Which I must say, thinking positive (and living my passion) started this change of events that lead me to a fulltime blogging position (thanks to the negative unconscious roommates I had, unconscious people are here to help in unconscious ways, which I later found out).

    The Justice System is NOT What it Seems to Be (My Personal Experience)
    How To Avoid Spending Time in Jail (My Recent Experience) Understanding Unconscious People
    The Practical Guide of How to Stay Out of Jail (Covering Base Three)
    These are a series of articles I wrote after being placed in jail by my negative unconscious roommates, which actually lead to and helped contribute to; the opportunity in becoming a fulltime blogger (good thing I knew how to stay positive while in this situation, hence the article I wrote before going to jail).

    A Book Review About: Truth, Love & Power. Written by: Steve Pavlina. Book Title: "Personal Development for Smart People"
    The Driving Force of Emotional NEEDS Behind Every Human Action (The Subconscious/ Psychology Reasons Behind Every Choice We Choose
    These two articles compliment each other of how to stay out of jail (covering base four). Which is funny because going to jail actually helped me in the long-run to become a fulltime blogger and rid of negative people out of my life. However I don't suggest being in jail as the solution, especially if you are innocent, which I found out can happen (hence the inspiration for these articles).

    Follow Your Heart Completely NEVER Your Logic
    At the time I wrote this article, I had no idea where my future was going (trying to reestablish my life after being in jail). I wrote this article to remember to keep following my heart and not logic, in order to get where I desire to be (we teach what we want to remember, in hopes that we can live our teaching rather than just teach it).

    Now Blogging Fulltime, Returning to Polyphasic Sleep & Moving to Kansas
    New Place of Residence
    How to Live Your Passion (How I Became a Fulltime Blogger)
    Which lead to my the experience of blogging fulltime. Hence all the articles on the top that I wrote are coming true. Abundance of time being the first and I recent experienced the start of abundance in money.

    The answer I received on how to experience the impossible, is mapped out right there in the archives timeline. Can you see it? Are you recognizing the pattern? If you can not see the pattern, don't worry, it is difficult to see especially if you have not experienced it.
    Let me give you another personal example:

    More examples
    Here is another personal example, that will explain how I am seeing the start of money in abundance:
    I have been blogging somewhere around two years and I have earned several dollars here and there from donations, ad clicks, and affiliate programs, etc.. but nothing to ever get too excited about. Of course my first $4 dollars, I was really excited by because it proved to me that it's possible to make money online (which is not my main motive, if it was I would not have actively written articles for two years, obviously). However on Tuesday, I received a $100.00 donation! Which is really interesting, considering what I stated in the first articles on the timeline above: "First the abundance of time, followed by the abundance of money." This is a milestone for me, as a sign of what is coming. One hundred dollars may not be much to you, but I can stretch it quite far. Especially when I am in the position where I don't have to pay bills.

    Can you see the pattern now? Well let's make sure, here is another example:
    In this article: "Polyphasic Sleep Day 3 (Revisited)", I had an interesting wonder. Even though the wonder seemed fairly possible (in the way I described it), it was still far fetched, but I wrote it anyhow as a reference for later research. Here is a quote from that article "What if you could reach R.E.M. sleep while awake? Why does one have to be asleep to reach such a state? You might say because while sleeping one accesses the subconsciousness. However, why can one not access the subconsciousness while awake? What causes people to urge for sleep, when all your after is the R.E.M. stage?" .... Then I continue to write several other paragraphs about why it makes no sense to me that we need sleep. What a curious writing, seems how I have not been sleeping.

    The pattern must be obvious now, right? Don't worry, I will explain it to you if you don't see it, but first one more example:
    Have you ever noticed that you are attracted to others who possess the same qualities as yourself? How the closer and more qualities you have in common with someone, the more attracted you are to them? In fact, I wrote in this article: "The Life Changing Power of Positive Thinking and the Tremendous Impact it Has On Others" explaining that exact thing:
    "There is a famous quote that says this:
    “You can only see in someone else what you see in yourself.”
    Alan Cohen
    The logic behind this quote on a negative level, is that you would not notice something negative in another, if it did not bother you. The reason it bothers you, is because you perceive it in yourself. Otherwise, you would not recognize the qualities in the first place.
    Likewise on a positive level, you see the positive things in others, that you see in yourself first. It is easy to see, since you inhabit the same qualities.
    My point is that I am attracted to people who resemble myself. In fact my perfect mate would be someone who mirrors me in every-way except for gender, a woman aspect of myself. However I always thought it would be impossible to meet someone like that (or even close to it) because I am a very vast person, with many interests, and rare qualities.
    That perhaps does not say much because chances are you don't know me well enough to know what I am talking about, but if I were to make a list of everything I want in a mate, you would literally laugh in amusement at the chances of finding someone like that is slim to none. My chances of winning the lottery would be 100 times more mathematically possible.
    Well... I am guessing you have a pretty good idea what I am going to say next right?
    Yes I have found a woman that mirrors myself in every-way. However, you must know that I mean that literally. I am not caught up in excitement of the moment, not knowing her well enough, or wishful hoping of any kind. If you been following this site, then you know I am a very conscious person, who makes conscious choices, and is not easily convinced.
    The Answer
    Everything you experience in life is made up of the beliefs, perspectives, and expectations you have on life (which are your filters). In other words, you will always have experiences that match your filters. In this way you have control in what you will experience. For a simple example of how this works, if you believe you must work to survive in this world, if that is how you perceive things and always expect it to be that way, then you will be right because you decided that based on those filters. On a logical level, you would dismiss any opportunity that came your way in giving you another experience because you believe that those opportunities do not exist, therefore you can't see them, let alone act on them.
    However, you can bypass what you believe to be true (if it is limiting) and experience what you actually desire (even if you don't believe it is possible) by creating an opportunity for it. What do I mean by that? I mean that things will start going your way (even if it does not seem possible) by thinking, talking, or writing about what you desire. The reason it feelings impossible, is because you have not created it yet. And I know that does not make any logical sense, but given the examples above, it obviously does not have to make logical sense. Whatever I write about seems to come true even if I don't think it is possible. I didn't think it was possible to go from sleep deprived, to no sleep, and feeling 10 of 10.
    In fact, I was only curious if there was a way for people to reach R.E.M. stage of sleep without sleeping. I was curious to find out and I was going to research it. That is all I was writing about and next thing I know, it becomes part of my reality. I didn't even find the solution to reaching the R.E.M. stage of sleep while awake, but just questioning it and that brought forth the experience of it. It is as if the universe said "Oh, what you are saying is that you want to feel rested without sleep, okay here you go." As if I didn't need a solution to finding a way to reach the R.E.M. stage of sleep while awake. Because the universe does not run on solutions, it is ran on infinite potential of infinite possibilities. It is as if nothing exists 'in and of' itself, it is all ran on creation and creating an opportunity for anything. Consequently since you allow yourself to speak your desires (even if they are impossible to you at that time), you are given the desires you want.
    Before I even tried polyphasic sleep the first time, I thought "wow that seems impossible but I am going to try it out". And this time around it made me wonder if that limit can be broke. However I never thought it would be possible without a solution. I am feeling rested without sleep, but I did not receive the solution on how and why this is working. But to me, even logically (explained the way I just did), the only answer is that there is no solution to things, the only real solution is to think about, talk about, or write about what you desire to happen and doing that the possibility of it opens up. In fact I am keen to believe that feeling rested without sleep, was not possible, until I questioned the possibility of it.
    Important Notice
    There is one more thing I would like to point out here, since in my recent experience there seems to be more possibility than ever before. The examples above, all happened during curtain dates and the more time that goes by, there seems to be a thinning of those dates.
    I first started writing about abundance on 9/03/08 and received abundance on 11/28/08.
    I decided on 12/19/08, when I wrote this post: "New Place of Residence" and was getting settled in to my new place, that I desire a person in my life that is conscious, positive, and the most like me as possible. On 01/03/09 that happened.
    On 1/05/09 I desired to research the possibility of R.E.M. sleep while awake. On 1/06/09 non sleep rest happened.
    Now to break down the date difference, so you can see my point (from the time I requested it, to the time is happened):
    Abundance Time: 3 months
    Mirror Match: 2 weeks
    No Sleep Rest: One day
    Can you see a pattern here? The more time passes, the sooner things happen. Creation is speeding up as time goes by. If you are not manifesting what you desire, check your thoughts because according my experience, you should be receiving the manifestations of your thoughts shortly after you have them.
    Alternatively, perhaps your life is getting better and better as time goes by, in which case, you are a conscious person and should see it getting better. Remember that you can have whatever you desire, you are not limited. Create it now! Start a blog! Tell people about it!
    I have been up for 44 hours since my last 12 minute nap. I feel completely aware, awake, mentally clear, physically content, fully rested and 10 of 10.
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