• Polyphasic Sleep Day 1 (Pattern Disruption)

    It usually takes me about 15 minutes to fall asleep. Consequentially I am going to start out with 30 minute naps like last time, until my body gets tired enough that I can fall right to sleep as soon as I lay down.

    Pattern Disruption

     For two weeks now, I have been sleeping odd hours in order to knock my monophasic sleeping pattern (roughly around 6-8 hours of sleep a night) out of sequence to my body. At first I started sleeping more hours (10-12). Yet, after several days of sleeping directly off balance to what I slept before, I started listening to my body. Now my body is getting less sleep and is not on a pattern, therefore I figured it was a good time to start Polyphasic Sleep.

    I last slept from 8:00pm to 1:00am.

    6:00am Nap
    This is the first nap I have had since I started the polyphasic sleep. I didn't fall asleep. Of course it has only been five hours ago since I last sleep. I did mange to get five hours of sleep before starting this new pattern, therefore it is understandable that I did not sleep.

    10:00am Nap
    I did fall asleep, but it was only about 10 of the 30 minutes. Before I laid down for this nap, I was only up for nine hours. Therefore, it would make sense that I am still having trouble sleeping. The first time I started polyphasic sleep, I did not even lay down for naps because I was too excited to sleep. I hit a stage that was much like meditation, where all mental activity stopped. I felt very clear and inspired to stay awake and write.

    My mental construction has been clear ever since that point, even after going back to monophasic sleep. There are different varieties but before I started polyphasic sleep the first time, was the most unclear I have been. Meaning having mental chatter continuously in the background of my mind (unless meditating).

    There are some things going polyphasic changes within you for life (at least for me) and slowing down the mental noise to a clear state is one of them.

    I am feeling tired now. I am in a state of anticipation, waiting till my 2:00 nap. Deliberately trying to stay busy.

    My body is way too relaxed and trying to get my consciousness to follow. No problem, I have to walk around for a bit and wake my body up.

    2:00pm Nap
    I slept 20 minutes that time (took ten minutes to fall asleep) and I feel rested too. Not sure why I am feeling rested after only my third nap into it. I did not feel this good last time until around day 3, which means polyphasic sleep is much easier the second time around, the pattern disruption that I talked about at the beginning of this article worked surprising well, or maybe this nap was just surprisingly restful. I do not know what it is exactly at this point, but I feel rejuvenated and I hope it keeps up.

    No dreams that I remember. Dreams only happen during the most critical stage of sleep, also known as R.E.M. sleep (rapid eye movement). Feeling this rested, is very unusual without reaching R.E.M. sleep. However, generally speaking R.E.M. sleep does not start until much later in a sleeping cycle. Especial when your body is used to a straight eight hour rest. R.E.M. does not start taking shape until you reach an hour and a half into a sleeping cycle. Yet, I have been up (not including the naps) for 13 and a half hours now, therefore I should not be feeling this rested.

    If you are willing to try polyphasic sleep, I would strongly suggest disrupting your sleeping pattern before you start. I have a good idea that is what helped this nap feel so rested. I did prepare for polyphasic sleep the first time, but I did not apply the sleep pattern disruption technique because I never heard of anybody doing it in my research. I was quite prepared for polyphasic sleep when first adopting since I read hundreds of articles by independent people experimenting with similar patterns (special thanks to Steve Pavlina). I was inspired to try pattern disruption by remembering back what it was like the first time I tried polyphasic sleep. I figured the most difficult part of adopting polyphasic sleep is on your body and the pattern it is used to before you begin. If you can escape the pattern without forcing your body to sleep only 30 minutes every four hours, then in theory the adoption process should be easier. Of course I am not sure if that is why I am feeling so rested, the next several naps should give a better idea on this theory.

    It feels really late in the evening to me (maybe 10:00pm), but it's only 2:37pm. However I was experiencing a little bit of this during the pattern disruption too.

    All other senses including emotional, physical, mental, and consciousness feel normal.

    Not tired yet, this next nap might be difficult to sleep.

    Now I am getting tired, things seem to be going extremely well. I am not sure what to make of this. I was actually dreading the adoption period, but if things continue this way, I can have my cake and eat it too. :)

    6:00pm Nap
    I feel rested. It is not at the point where I felt as if I had a good eight hour night, but I can tell I am getting closer. I slept for 20 minutes. I went right to sleep and woke up ten minutes before the alarm went off. The first time I was on polyphasic sleep, I did not start waking up early until around the 5th day. Around day five, I was averaging about 20 minutes per nap too from waking up early. Perhaps the pattern disruption has something to do with it, but now I am more inclined to think that the second time around is extremely easier to adopt polyphasic sleep. From the looks of this, it's likely that I am going to be switching to 15 minute naps much more quickly than I first anticipated.

    10:00pm Nap
    That nap I managed to get 15 minutes. I fell a sleep fast, but I woke up and could not go back to sleep. Although I don't feel groggy/drowsy, I do feel like I could sleep a little more. If I slept five minutes longer, I am sure I would be feeling rested right now. However I do not feel like I been up for 21 and a half hours (not including naps)!

    Small Changes to be Noted
    I can tell I have been up for a while though, because psychologically I feel as if the time should be 10:3oam not pm. Physically I feel a little weak (yawning too), but nothing overwhelming. Mentally a little hazy. My eyes are little dry and somewhat burning a tiny bit. Other than those slight cases, everything else is normal up to this point.

    I have now gone a complete cycle of 24 hours on polyphasic sleep and these last few hours were the most difficult. I can take a nap in an hour though, so I know I will be okay.

    My next nap, I am still going to try to take 30 minute naps and see what happens from there.

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