Communicating With the Universe Within the Infinite Potential Consciousness

According to the Infinite Potential Consciousness, the universe and everything within it: is you. Everything you experience is an extension of your consciousness. For example, inside a dream, the dream consists of your consciousness. Everything in the dream is part of your consciousness, even the body you experience with. In a lucid dream, you can experience these parts of your consciousness at will and control parts of the conscious content, since you know it is a dream. You do this through your imagination because that is where dreams are created.
The universe is only part of your consciousness, yet it is a part of your consciousness that is always in communication with you (in full knowledge, also known as Universal Knowledge) . It is the part that you may have called higher self, inner voice, intuition, instincts, or inspiration.

This article is about how to communicate with the universe and create a desired reality by
following the instructions given by the universe.
The Series
This article is a series of articles:
If you have a difficult time understanding or believing how you are the only conscious being and everything else is part of your consciousness (like a dream), I would recommend you read this series in the order presented.

The Universe Supports You
The universe will always lead you to exactly what you say you desire most. Yet, you limit your experience of the universe based on your filters (perspectives, beliefs, and expectation, which lead to your experiences of life). The universe always supports you, it just does not feel that way because of the definitions (beliefs) that you give things. As I fully explained in How to Find Your Passion & Make It Your Career your beliefs about money determine your experience of money. If you have any one of these beliefs:
* Money is the root to all that is evil.
* If I have abundance of money then others will lose out.
* You must work hard in order to earn good money.
* I cannot earn money doing what I love.You will experience lack of money based on what you belief about money, the universe supports you in that belief. A passion is like hunger, why would you have a hunger that you could not fulfill?

Your Experience is Equal to Your Belief
Whatever you belief about life, the universe will lead you to that experience (more explained here: "Why is There Difficulty in Knowing, Feeling & Experiencing Infinite Potential? There is Another Way"). It is easy to experience a limited belief because you are not open to anything else except for what you belief. Consequentially, if an opportunity showed itself, you would not see it because you belief it is not there. Yet, the universe can only lead you to your desire: if you are open to the communication (despite your beliefs), receive the instructions, and follow the instructions given (under any condition). The universe will always give you exactly what you want, in any moment as that is the design it was given. The only reason you do not get what you think you are choosing is because of the definitions (beliefs) or conditions you put on things.

Open Communication
In order to be open to the communication, you must realize that everything you experience is only part of your consciousness. As a result, everything in your consciousness is an extension of yourself. When you can understand/believe this concept, the concept itself becomes an experience (read and reread the series above to 'teach yourself this new belief'/ 'unlearn old beliefs' through repetition). An experience of everything around you communicating with you.

I am going to use an example of my own personal experience. In order to understand who I am in your consciousness and the experiences I have through your consciousness. Read this: My Personal Experiences of the Infinite Potential Consciousness.

I recently decided that my passion is my number one priority. When I first started writing articles, I believed that anyone can make a living doing what they passionately love, yet I did not always experience this as my reality. I was perceiving/ experiencing life with limiting beliefs and did not make it my number one priority. As a result, the universe lead me through a series of events/experiences that allowed me to reach past my limited beliefs (comfort zones) and see the bigger picture.

The Bigger Picture
When it comes to making your passion your number one priority, the bigger picture says you must make your passion number one, no matter what:
  • This means, no matter if you have people who are dependent upon you (It is your obligation to teach them how to be independent and no longer need you to survive. As long as they need you, you are not doing them a service).
  • No matter what people think, say, or do. You must stop caring what people think or they will influence your priorities.
  • No matter how uncomfortable your physical life gets (The abundance in spiritual comfort will lead you to abundance on every other level including physical).
  • Never give up, no matter how far away it seems.
  • No matter what, do something EVERYDAY towards making your passion your career (especially actions towards aligning your thoughts, beliefs, perspectives, ans expectation to life).

Personal Example

For example, the moment I started thinking about making my passion my number one priority, the universe started communicating:
  • Through an article/book that inspired me to make the change.
  • A friend of a friend who supported the idea and gave me her insight and wisdom.
  • An experience that opened a new perspective about money.

New Perspective About MoneyMoney is a concept, idea, and a value of worth. Not only through how you see money, but how you see yourself too and what you are worth. How much are you worth? Usually people measure this by how much they make. The truth is that you are worth an abundance. How come you do not make an abundance? I would suggest that how you see yourself and how you see money are vibrating on two different levels.

As I explained in
The Vibrational Process Within the Infinite Potential Consciousness, vibration is the force behind everything, for the reason that it creates energy into matter and holds the form of that energy, through patterns in resonating frequencies. Vibration holds energy in position by the speed of the frequency vibration (there is a video explanation in the article above). In order to attract abundance, you must hold the same vibrational frequency that is equal to abundance.

In order to be a frequency vibrational match, you must have a different perspective on the value of money. In other words, you must think in abundance. Think like a person does who has abundance. You must get out of your comfort zone about money. Here are a few ways to do that:
  1. Carry more cash on you than you feel comfortable to carry. Soon you feel comfortable carrying that amount. Now add to that amount until you feel uncomfortable again and repeat the process again and again.
  2. Think of an amount of money that would make you feel uncomfortable to make each day because it is too much. Use that amount and think of it as not too much. Start thinking of that amount as the limited amount that you need to feel comfortable. Imagine yourself spending that amount in a day and not worried about it. Make it your obligation to think of that amount as very little.
  3. Walk, talk, and act as the person you would if you had abundance amount of money. Imagine how it would feel and choose to feel that way all day long (everyday until it becomes a reality). The moment you notice you are not feeling that way, imagine again. Bring the feeling out so much that you feel as if you do not need abundance because you already have it.
These ideas and concepts like them, lift you up to the vibrational frequency of abundance because you are stepping outside your comfort zone and creating a new comfort zone. In other words, stepping outside your comfort zone creates a new vibrational frequency, within this new vibrational frequency, you will attract energy and matter that vibrates on the same frequency.

Continuing the Personal Example
Next, after I was convinced and made the statement that I am going to make my passion my number one priority, the universe lead me to an overwhelming priceless treasure of information on how to make that happen. It was as if everyone in the universe got together and decided to help me. I literally felt that I was the center of the universe and people only did what they do based around my desire. The last thing to do is take the information as instructions and put it into action.

It is All for You
In short, this can be your experience too on any desire you have. You can literally create anything you desire through understanding that you are the only conscious being in this universe and even the universe is your consciousness. You are the center of the universe. The universe is your dream, your dream is answering you.
When you observe someone as being wealthy, abundant, and rich; you are observing a possibility of yourself. You are observing a choice, a choice to become that which you observe. In fact, it is your obligation to create all your desires as a reality, since you are the only one here. If you see it in another, it is possible for you too because that other is you, an extension of your consciousness. You were born to create your desires, there is no other reason you set things up this way. You were born to experience yourself as infinite potential in this lucid dream. You are all of it, it is all for you.

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