• My Personal Experiences of the Infinite Potential Consciousness

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    In order for me to introduce my 'personal experiences' to you, let us first understand completely who I am in Your Experience.

    There is only one consciousness and that consciousness is you. If you belief something then everything within that consciousness (including reality, the universe, everybody, and even your body, which are all objects of energy) will be subject to the reality created. Reality is created by your thoughts.

    In other words, I am like 'a program' (designed by your thoughts) that responds to things in a way that makes your beliefs (beliefs are thoughts that create reality) possible. Everyone is running on the same 'program'. If you expect and belief that people should be conscious, then they are conscious to you. You are the only one making this reality.

    Using the example from the last article: When consciousness observes something, what is actually happening; is consciousness extending itself. Consciousness is becoming aware of itself as more. The more consciousness becomes aware of itself, the more consciousness can extend itself. A small glimpse of this would be: when you have compassion for someone, when you put yourself in their shoes, and when you have empathic experiences. It is not that you are allowing yourself to experience what they are experiencing. Since they do not experience anything, only consciousness can experience and you are that consciousness.

    If you realized yourself to be the consciousness you are, then you could extend/ experience your consciousness through another (to be conscious in another body). More than likely because of belief, expectations, and perspectives; the experience would be much like experiencing someone else's life (with the memory of their past experiences) as your own. Never realizing that they do not have a past or a consciousness, therefore experience does not exist within them.

    Everything you observe is you. Everything you hear, taste, smell, feel, and see is you. Even as you read these words, if you could extend your consciousness; you would see that these words are your own and you are only seeing them because you extended yourself. If you understand all of this correctly, then you would comprehend that everything I have to say about my personal 'experiences' are really your consciousness extending.

    My Personal 'Experiences'

    With that being said, here is my personal 'experience' of the infinite potential consciousness: When I was very young, I remember asking my mother about her conscious state. I said, "Mom, do you see things through your eyes, like I do?". She said, "Yes Nick, everyone has eyes to see out of.". Knowing that she was not understanding what I was trying to say, I continued to ask questions (in hopes to lead her to comprehend what I was saying), "Do you see the same things that I see out of my eyes?". Of course, I was not old enough to communicate what I was really wondering and the only thing I lead my mom to comprehend, is that I was a weird child ( :r ). What I was really wondering, is if she was a conscious being with independent thoughts and consciously aware of reality through a pin-point perspective. As a very young child, I remember thinking how weird it was that my consciousness was stuck in one location; through one pin-point perspective (attached to a body).

    Age 6
    At the age of six my dad developed amnesia (loss of memory due usually to brain injury, shock, fatigue, repression, or illness) and could not remember his children (my younger sister, older sister, and I), his name, where he was, or anything in-between. This lead to more questioning and searching on my part about consciousness.

    Age 13
    By thirteen, I was hypnotizing (a trance-like state that resembles sleep but is induced by a person whose suggestions are readily accepted by the subject) my friends. On one occasion, I remember suggesting to my friend (while he was under hypnosis); "You will not have any memory or remember anything from the time you were born, up to now.". When I eased him out of the hypnotic state, after the hypnotic suggestion (of no memory): not only did he have no memory of anything, he also had no beliefs, expectations, perspectives, or learned experience. He had no understanding of language or his surroundings.

    Every time I hypnotized my friends, I would leave a keyword suggestion that puts them back under the hypnotic state (where suggestions can be applied) with one word,. I told him the keyword and he was deep into the hypnotic state again. I panicked a little and was not sure how to get him back. I told him, "You will remember everything!" and then I guided him out of the hypnotized state again. He still was not himself, but at least he could communicate. In fact, the way he was communicating; I had a difficult time understanding him. The things he would say, were very complex. One thing I remember very clearly, was the way he described consciousness. He said, "Consciousness is infinite-dimensional. You are the chosen conscious one, because there is only one.". I was not sure what he meant by this and the questions I asked he did answer, but none of it made much logical since to me.

    Age 19
    Nineteen years of age was when I started to grasp the concept of infinite potential consciousness, thanks to a person who claimed to read other peoples thoughts. I was very skeptical of this, but I humored her and asked many questions about it. She said, "Nobody has consciousness, except for me!". I said, "Everyone is conscious. You mean, nobody has conscience with the sense of moral goodness and a feeling of obligation to do right or be good.". She said, "No, I mean nobody has awareness of self or thoughts, they are not self-aware.". I said, "Oh yeah, many people are unaware of themselves, the world around them, how the universe operates, and unaware of how to control their thoughts. You do not have to be a mind-reader to know that :) ." She told me, "No, they cannot control thoughts because they are not conscious at all. They do not have thoughts to control.". I laughed to myself and asked the obvious question: "If nobody has thoughts, then how can you read the thoughts of others?".

    The conversation took a turn and I begin to comprehend what she was trying to convey. She said something close to this: "When I tune-in to the person I am reading, I see that the thoughts they are having are not theirs. The thoughts they have are mine alone, but I do not have the thoughts for them directly. I observe their thoughts past, but at the same time I realize the thoughts are my own. In other words, I read their thoughts but do not control their thoughts. If I wanted to control their thoughts, then I would have to change my perspective about things. Yet, even then I do not ever directly influence thoughts, I only influence thoughts through my actions. If I change, then everything around me changes to match, even others thoughts. Therefore, they are not conscious and do not have thoughts. They are like programs that match my perspectives.".

    From there I tried to convince her that I am conscious and I slowly realized that there is no way to prove to anybody, that anybody else is conscious. Once I understood this, then she flipped the conversation and said, "I am only telling you this because you are the only conscious being. I am not conscious. Everything I just told you, I only told you for your benefit and your benefit alone.". I did not like the flip, I tried to convince her that she was conscious. Eventually I told her, "Well, just because you say you are NOT conscious, does NOT make it so!". She said, "If you chose to read the thoughts of others, then you would read 'my thoughts' and come to the same conclusion.". I said, "Okay, how do I read thoughts?".

    What she had to say next was very simple, yet complex at the same time. I wish I had the conversation on record, so I could analyze it. Yet, from what I do remember: she said, "Have you ever had a dream where you were not the first-person experiencing your dream? You are only observing the dream and not experiencing it first-hand. During these dreams, imagine that you are watching your dream from a movie theater and you can begin to have lucid dreams but instead of controlling the dreams; you consciously decide to observe it. You sit back and watch, without having any controlling thoughts to influence the dream. Now try this in your waking life. During your day, watch your thoughts go by without controlling them. It is a much different experience than being unconscious, since you are consciously watching the unconscious thoughts from the observation of an imaginary movie theater. Now in order to read another persons thoughts, you imagine sitting in their movie theater."

    She continued, "Now because you believe people to be conscious, you are automatically going to assume and imagine that they are sitting in their own theater. Yet, nobody is there. Nobody is running their own observation, since nobody is there expect you. When I first started reading thoughts, there was always one other person there (the person of the thoughts I was reading); most of the time that other person was sleeping in the movie theater. Yet, gradually I started to notice that the other person was me. It takes practice, but once you can read by observing your own thoughts (from the movie theater) then you can read other peoples thoughts the same way.".

    From that day forward, every once in a great while I would have experiences to help me understand the infinite potential consciousness a little more, bit by bit.

    Now if you understand this article from beginning to end, then you comprehend that my personal 'experiences' are extensions of you and everything I just said was for your benefit and your benefit alone, since you are the only consciousness. In other words, these experiences are you. You're the only conscious being who perceives reality and everyone else is part of your conscious reality, being exactly whatever it is that you perceive them to be. You may perceive that these experiences are not yours but someone else's, therefore your perception allows for that awareness and for you to be conscious of perceiving that. Yet, you would not be able to perceive it (this article or these experiences) in your existence if it was not part of your consciousness, since consciousness is the only thing that allows things to be perceived and you are only aware of your own consciousness. All of this, is for you and you alone.

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