Introduction to Infinite Potential Consciousness

The only reason you perceive anything at all is because of your consciousness. You are only aware of one pin-point of consciousness and that is your own consciousness. Even your relationships are filtered through your own consciousness and you may assume that the way you approach your relationships with other people, are based on their consciousness too, yet you can not perceive anybody else's consciousness.
You may have an idea about how another person perceives the relationship from their consciousness, but that idea is only your conception filtered through your own consciousness based on what matches: your perspective on life, your beliefs about life, your expectations to life and your experience of life (as explained in "Why is There Difficulty in Knowing, Feeling & Experiencing Infinite Potential? There is Another Way Through Understanding Filters & Cubed Perspective").

For example, you may perceive this article to be confusing, but I intent for it to be helpful, yet it does not matter what my conscious intent is, since you are going to perceive it through your own consciousness. Therefore, you are only aware of your consciousness and even though I told you of my conscious intent, you can not perceive awareness as being present in my individual consciousness or be aware of my consciousness through your own conscious experience. Consequently my consciousness does not exist in your experience and never will through your current perspective, since you can only be aware of one pin-point of consciousness and that is your own. Furthermore, who is to say that I have conscious awareness or that I can even perceive myself as having a reality? If nobody, not even you can perceive me as having a consciousness or are made aware of my consciousness through your own consciousness, then there is no proof that I exist as a conscious being who perceives my reality.

You may observe others around you that have a human body like yours, speak somewhat similar to you, and have every human quality that you can consciously perceive in yourself, but you can not ever know that they are conscious beings (from your pin-point perspective) who perceive reality through an awareness, since you can only perceive your own conscious self and awareness of yourself.

Now you may come to the conclusion that I have to contain conscious thought in order to write this article. I would have to hold some kind of conscious attention and perceive my awareness on some level in order to create this article. Yet this article is only in your existence and experience through your consciousness. You would not be able to perceive it in your existence, if it was not part of your consciousness, since consciousness is the only thing that allows things to be perceived and you are only aware of your own consciousness. As far as you know, you're the only conscious being who perceives reality and everyone else is part of your conscious reality, being exactly whatever it is that you perceive them to be. You may perceive this article was written not by you but by someone else, therefore your perception allows for that awareness and for you to be conscious of perceiving that.

Your the Only Conscious Being
In other words, this article and the idea of the person who wrote it, is only a part of your consciousness, projecting exactly how you perceive it and them to be. Everything you perceive through your consciousness, is only your consciousness and everything you attract into your reality, is your consciousness alone. This reality and everything you perceive in it, is only part of your consciousness and does not exist except for in your consciousness. The whole of the universe, the global collective consciousness, and everything in your reality, are all parts of your own consciousness.

Exploring what consciousness really is and how to bring it into play with everything in the universe, through your consciousness: is the key point. Consciousness is all there is, all there ever was, and all there ever will be. Through your ego, you may sometimes think you are your body or mind, but you are only consciousness. Consciousness is the puppet master that controls the body, mind, and all objects surrounding your reality. Yet through physical experience you only have one pin-point of consciousness, that consciousness seems to be centered within a body and mind that you identify with who you are and this gives the illusion that there are 'others' that have a body and mind identification through consciousness, but these 'others' are only parts of your own consciousness that you have not yet realized as your own consciousness.

You may never realize 'others' as your consciousness from the pin-point view of experience that you have now, but you can begin to understand parts of your consciousness, by how you relate to your relationships with 'others'. 'Everyone' is part of consciousness but there is only one consciousness and that is yours. How you relate to 'others' is how you relate to that part of your consciousness and that is why relationships are mirrors because you are seeing a part of yourself through the illusion of 'others'. The relationship you have with 'another', is really the link between different projections of consciousness and different versions of your consciousness relating to itself through the representation of relationships. Since all of this reality and everyone in it is your consciousness, then everyone is significant, important, and serves a purpose for you.

Once you can view life in this manner, infinite potential will open itself up to you. I will explain how and why this works a bit later throughout this series of article posts. Yet for now it is important to understand that you are the only conscious being in the this reality. Not because you are a human being with a consciousness, but because you are consciousness itself who perceives yourself as one pin-point consciousness.

Example of How it Works
It is like a very lucid dream (to be dreaming and know that your body is somewhere asleep having a dream), except the dream is physical reality and this physical reality is contained within consciousness. The infinite consciousness outside this physical reality, is where the real you resides. In this physical reality, your mind and body are your first-person pin-point perspective of this lucid dream called reality.

Think of yourself as existing before the Big Bang (believing in a big bang does not necessarily mean believing in the concepts behind it) as nothing else except consciousness (since that is what you are, you are not a human being with consciousness, you are only consciousness) and as the Big Bang began you being consciousness (which is pure energy) divided itself into infinite pieces known as the evolving creation of reality and life. Therefore making everything still connected through consciousness, but seemingly separate for the purpose of experience. This one minute video helps explain this perspective:

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