• Powiull Sleep Day 5 (No More Naps)

    What's Powiull Sleep?


    I fell asleep fast, woke up to the alarm 30 minutes later, and I remember having vivid dreams. The last nap I had before this one was at 11:15PM yesterday. That means I was up roughly 18 hours straight. I didn't really need the nap, in fact I felt horrible after taking it. I only took the nap so I could say it was my last one (more explained later in this article).

    I was allowing the vivid daydreams to take over throughout the day/night (for more information, read the scrolled text below). I have had about three daydreams. After those daydreams (that last 10-20 minutes), I feel really rested. Which is understandable from what I mentioned in yesterdays article:

    Vivid Daydreams
    As of now I am feeling aware. However, I do notice that if I let my concentration relax, there seems to be an automatic process that takes place; I quickly hit a stage where I feel like I am dreaming but I am still awake (vivid daydreams).

    For example, I will see something out of the corner of my eye, or hear a voice and as soon as this happens, I catch myself just before I was going to respond to it. I realize the only reason I wanted to respond was because on some level I was dreaming and thinking it was real. I always catch myself before I respond though and snap out of it. It is not difficult to keep my concentration going, but if I do choose to just relax, this experience will happen at least three out of ten times.

    I realize this is known to be a form of sleep deprivation, but I am not going to sleep until the urge is strong. It's not like I am pushing myself to stay awake by doing physical activities. Plus I am having vivid dreams when I do nap, which means I am hitting the R.E.M. stage of sleep (the most critical). Of course, why would I not have vivid dreams, even my daydreams are vivid. Maybe this is a stage where you can hit R.E.M. sleep while awake? Next time I notice this, I will let it happen and hangout in it for a while. I might feel like I have falling asleep (or maybe I will) but perhaps that is all I need to feel rested: a quick natural uncontrolled daydream (until it wears off). It seems natural to let it happen. Especially when you consider what I wrote about in polyphasic sleep day 3:

    Interesting Wonder...
    When I first heard about polyphasic sleep, I was wondering if it was even possible to only sleep a few hours a day. After already been through the experience and doing this again, I feel as if maybe the body does not even need sleep at all. They say R.E.M. is the most important stage of sleep and that is what makes polyphasic sleep workable.

    What if you could reach R.E.M. sleep while awake? Why does one have to be asleep to reach such a state? You might say because while sleeping one accesses the subconsciousness. However, why can one not access the subconsciousness while awake? What causes people to urge for sleep, when all you're after is the R.E.M. stage?

    Through hypnosis the subconscious becomes active and hypnosis is not considered a form of sleep, it is considered a form of daydreaming. Can you daydream yourself into R.E.M.? If the body can adopt to polyphasic sleep by recognizing new sleeping patterns and does this biochemically to avoid pain, then why can it not find a way to access the subconscious while awake (or daydreaming)? For that matter, if day dreaming does tap into the subconscious as hypnosis would suggest, why do we not access the subconscious during our daily daydreams? Maybe we do. How do you know when you access the subconscious? You access the subconscious through dreaming. And dreaming while you're awake is called daydreaming. They say dreaming helps you to solve problems by connecting with your subconscious. Wouldn't day dreaming by the samething, as long as the daydream is not controlled by the consciousness?

    It seems to be that the subconscious is more powerful in understanding life, yet the consciousness is more powerful in control. When you sleep, the consciousness has no control (unless lucid dreaming). Hence why we need sleep, to bring the subconscious to the surface without the consciousness interfering.

    Therefore, I would assume that if you consciously allow the subconscious control, then the subconscious can do what it does without sleeping. This makes me wonder if polyphasic sleep works not because the R.E.M.s are reprogrammed but because during the adoption period the consciousness stops thinking completely (if you let it). If I just sit here quietly, there will be no thoughts coming in or going out. Like mediation, which also assesses the subconscious. I am only tired when I stop and think about it. I only feel sleep deprived when I think about how little sleep I have been getting. I am only tired when I stop and think logically about how I should be feeling in this situation. Maybe sleep deprivation, is only a conditioned thought that is programed within us to think we need sleep?

    No More Naps
    The daydreams make me feel so awake and rested that I am going to quit all naps completely and document my experience with the daydreams instead. If my theory is correct, all I will need is these daydreams to feel rested. It makes since to me that the R.E.M. stage of sleep is activated through these uncontrolled vivid daydreams. I will document what happens for a day or two and go from there.

    Sleep Deprivation
    I am sure many people would claim that these vivid daydreams are a type of sleep deprivation. However you can tell when you have sleep deprivation because you will receive a whole list of negative side-effects: drowsy, groggy, severe yawning, fatigue, loss of short term memory, physically weak, emotional dull, mental hazy, red-bloodshot-heavy eyes, lack of concentration, eye-hand coordination decreasing, dizziness, feelings of fainting, equilibrium unbalanced, sick to stomach, etc... If these vivid daydreams are a form of sleep deprivation, how come that is the only symptom I have?

    Why am I having the vivid daydreams? I believe it's the body's way of adapting and evolving based on my new sleeping experiment. When experimenting with polyphasic sleep, the body is forced to adapt to the patterned naps. Yet with Powiull sleep, there is no pattern to follow. Without the consistency of a pattern, the body has to find another way.

    It will be interesting to observe and notice if the body causes these vivid daydreams in a consistent manner or not. Does the body need consistency, does it need a pattern, does it follow a routine if you don't plan one for it? Time will tell.

    Number Stats
    Powiull sleep started 137 hours ago, within that time I have had 2 hours of sleep total. At the 144 hour mark, that would be a full six days. I have had 2 hours of sleep in roughly 6 days and that is not including the four days it took to adapt to polyphasic sleep (which averages out to be 3 hours every 24 hour period). Who would have ever thought that they could feel this rested and aware with such little amount of sleep?

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